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Comic Book Spotlight: Death Note: Black Edition Volume 1 – December 2010 (Viz Media)

TITLE: Death Note: Black Edition Volume 1 YEAR: December 2010 (US Release) COMPANY: Viz Media Written by Tsugumi Ohba Art by Takeshi Obata “Death Note”, the series that has received critical acclaim worldwide, spawned a popular anime series, video games and live action films. Needless to say, the manga series has been quite popular among fans worldwide and with the 13-volume manga series released back in 2003 and ending in […]

Comic Book Spotlight: Azumanga Daioh: The Omnibus – November 20, 2007 (ADV Manga)

TITLE: Azumanga Daioh: The Omnibus YEAR: November 2007 (US Release) COMPANY: ADV Manga Written and Art by Kiyohiko Azuma Back in 1999, mangaka Kiyohiko Azuma would create a four-panel comic strip (yonkoma) known as “Azumanga Daioh”.    A series that would earn its place as one of the fan favorites worldwide for its slice of life and delightful storyline may it be through the manga or anime series, ADV Manga will […]

Comic Book Spotlight of the Day: Iron Man vol. 1, issue #200 – November 1985 (Marvel Comics)

TITLE: Iron Man vol. 1, issue #200 YEAR: November 1985 COMPANY: Marvel Comics Written by Denny O’Neil Penciler: Mark Bright Inker: Ian Akin & Brian Garvey Letterer: Rick Parker Colorist: Bob Sharen Editor: Mark Gruenwald, Howard Mackie Editor-in-Chief: Jim Shooter Obadiah Stane has made Tony Stark’s life uncomfortable.  First by buying his company, kidnapping people close to him and now doing the unthinkable, blowing up his new headquarters in the […]

Comic Book Spotlight of the Day: Astra: Lost in Space vol. 1 – December 2017 (Viz Media)

TITLE: Astra: Lost in Space vol. 1 YEAR: December 2017 (US Release) COMPANY: Viz Media Story and Art by Kento Shinohara From Kentaro Shinohara comes the sci-fi action/comedy manga known as “Astra: Lost in Space” (known in Japan as “Kanata no Astra”). Shinohara’s last work “Sket Dance” was quite popular and ran from 2007 to 2013, earning the mangaka a “Shogakukan Manga Award” in 2010.  And now, Shinohara hopes to […]

Comic Book Spotlight of the Day: Shiver – December 2017 (Viz Signature)

TITLE: Shiver YEAR: December 2017 (US Release Date) COMPANY: Viz Signature Written and Art by Junji Ito For those not familiar with Junji Ito’s work, his work such as “Tomie”, “Umuzaki” and “Gyo” are horror manga that no doubt gives you the goose bumps. From creepy plots to hair-raising expressions of characters, Ito is appreciated by manga readers for his terrifying manga stories. And now a collection of short stories […]

Comic Book Spotlight of the Day: Fantastic Four vol. 1, Issue #34 – January 1965 (Marvel Comics)

TITLE: Fantastic Four vol. 1, Issue #34 YEAR: January 1965 COMPANY: Marvel Comics Written by Stan Lee Illustrated by Jack Kirby Inker: Chic Stone Letterer: Artie Simek For those who have been reading Marvel miniseries such as “Annihilation” and Secret Wars” discovered a character known as Glorian, who was planning to rebuild the universe with the help of the Shaper of Worlds after the events in Battleworld. The character Glorian […]