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The New Titans Issue #50 – December 1988 (DC Comics)

TITLE: The New Titans Issue #50 YEAR: December 1988 COMPANY: DC Comics Co-Created by Marv Wolfman and George Perez Written by Marv Wolfman Penciller: George Perez Inker: Bob McLeod Letterer: John Costanza Colorist: Adrienne Roy Editor: Barbara Kesel When George Perez left the Teen Titans comic books, many have hoped that Marv Wolfman and George Perez would reunite someday again. In December 1988, “New Teen Titans” would go through a […]

Fire Punch Vol. 1 – January 2018 (Viz Signature)

TITLE: Fire Punch vol. 1 YEAR: January 2018 (US Release Date) COMPANY: VIZ Media, LLC Story & Art by Tatsuki Fujimoto From mangaka Tatsuki Fujimoto comes his shonen manga “Fire Punch”. Serialized in Shonen Jump from April 2016 through January 2018, the manga has been collected into 8 manga volumes and now the manga series will be released in North America courtesy of Viz Signature. The series is set during […]

Comic Book Spotlight of the Day: Fantastic Four Issue #42 – September 1965 (Marvel Comics)

TITLE: Fantastic Four vol. 1, Issue #42 YEAR: September 1965 COMPANY: Marvel Comics Written by Stan Lee Illustrated by Jack Kirby Inker: Vince Colletta Letterer: Sam Rosen In the last issue, we saw The Thing captured and brainwashed by the Frightful Four. As the Fantastic Four fight back against their villainou counterparts, unfortunately the Frightful Four is ahead of the game by dousing Human Torch with water, gluing Reed Richards […]

Comic Book Spotlight of the Day: Detective Comics Issue #724 – August 1998 (DC Comics)

TITLE: Detective Comics issue #724 YEAR: August 1998 COMPANY: DC Comics Writer: Chuck Dixon Penciler: Jim Aparo Inker: James Hodgkins Colorist: Gloria Vasquez Separator: Android Letterer: John Costanza Editor: Scott Peterson Batman created by Bob Kane In 1998, DC kicked off its Batman crossover story arc “Cataclysm” which featured Gotham City being hit by a massive earthquake. Needless to say, Bruce Wayne and others feel powerless because while they have […]

Manga Spotlight of the Day: Terra Formars vol. 20 – January 2018 (Viz Media)

TITLE: Terra Formars vol. 20 YEAR: January 2018 (US Release Date) COMPANY: VIZ Media, LLC Story by: Yu Sasuga Art by Ken-Ichi Tachibana The Terra Formars have been waiting for the moment to invade Earth and now the invasion has begun and their target is Japan. The beginning of the human vs. Terra Formars war begins in vol. 20! And the mission is to take down the Invoker. What is […]

Manga Spotlight of the Day: Blue Exorcist Vol. 1 – April 2011 (Viz Media)

TITLE: Blue Exorcist – Vol. 1 (Ao no Exorcist) YEAR: April 2011 (US Release Date) COMPANY: VIZ Media, LLC Story & Art by Kazue Kato (加藤 和恵) An interesting take on exorcist-based storylines in manga, “Blue Exorcist” has a good balance of humor, action and an interesting concept that definitely shows us the potential of this manga series! “Ao no Exorcist” (Blue Exorcist) is a manga series written and illustrated by […]