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Arion: Lord of Atlantis vol. 1, Issue #1 – November 1982 (DC Comics)

TITLE: Arion: Lord of Atlantis vol. 1, Issue #1 YEAR: November 1982 COMPANY: DC Comics Co-Created: Paul Kupperberg and Jan Duursema Writer: Paul Kupperberg Artist: Jan Duursema Colorist:  Tatjana Letterer: Todd Klein Co-Editors: Ernie Colon & Laurie Sutton Like “Arak” which began in an appearance of DC Comics’ “Warlord”, “Arion: Lord of Atlantis” would also debut in “Warlord” issue #55 (March 1982) courtesy of writer Paul Kupperberg and artist Jan […]

Wonder Woman vol. 2, Issue #124 – August 1997 (DC Comics)

TITLE:Wonder Woman vol. 2, issue #124 YEAR: August 1997 COMPANY: DC Comics Writer/Artist: John Byrne Colorist: Patricia Mulvihill Editor: Paul Kupperberg Assistant Editor: Jason Hernandez-Robenblatt Wonder Woman was created by William Moulton Murston The Demon was created by Jack Kirby Wonder Woman and Artemis.  Two characters who are Amazon that would cross paths numerous times to the point that Wonder Woman was defeated and Artemis would then take up the […]