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Roots of the Swamp Thing Issue #1 – July 1986 (DC Comics)

TITLE: Roots of the Swamp Thing issue #1 YEAR: July 1986 COMPANY: DC Comics Written By Len Wein Illustrated by Berni Wrightson Colored by Tatjana Wood Edited by Joe Orlando It was July 1971 when writer Len Wein and illustrator Bernie Wrightson introduced Swamp Thing to the DC Universe.  While the first appearance was in “House of Secrets” issue #92 featuring a scientist named Alex Olsen. While that was a […]

Comic Book Spotlight of the Day: 1st Issue Special vol. 1, issue #8 – November 1975 (DC Comics)

TITLE: 1st Issue Special vol. 1, issue #8 YEAR: November 1975 COMPANY: DC Comics Written and Illustrated by Mike Grell Edited by Joe Orlando In the late ’70s, it was a creative time for DC Comics.  Experimentation with different types of stories and what would entertain reading audiences beyond superhero books but for DC Comics, the swords and sorcery genre was not its forte. As Marvel Comics achieved a major […]

The Sandman – Master of Nightmares vol. 2, Issue #4 – August-September 1975 (DC Comics)

TITLE: The Sandman – Master of Nightmares vol. 2, Issue #4 YEAR: August – September 1975 COMPANY: DC Comics Art by Jack Kirby and Mike Royer Editor: Joe Orlando Script by Michael Fleischer Many years before Neil Gaiman’s “Sandman” and years after DC Comics created the Sandman (Wesley Dodds) of Justice Society of America sporting a green business suit, fedora and gas mask, in the ’70s a new Sandman was […]