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Armor Issue #3 – Deathwatch 2000 Prelude Issue #1 – April 1993 (Continuity Comics)

TITLE: Armor Issue #3 – Deathwatch 2000 Prelude Issue #1 YEAR: April 1993 COMPANY: Continuity Comics Story: Peter Stone Pencils: Sal Velluto Inks: Rudy Nebres Colors: Paul Mounts Letters: Jade Moede In 1993, Continuity Comics made a splash with their foil covers and their major comic book crossover for “Deathwatch 2000″.  As the comic book magazines were promoting this crossover, many people were not aware that the independent comic book […]

Bloodshot Vol. 1, Issue 1 (February 1993) (Valiant Comics)

TITLE: Bloodshot – Vol. 1, Issue 1 YEAR:  February 1993 COMPANY: Valiant Comics Written by Kevin Vanhook Penciller: Don Perlin Inker: Bob Wiacek Colorist: Jade Moede With the announcement from Valiant Comics that a live action film version of “Bloodshot” is being made, it made me decide to go through my Valiant comic box and read the first issue of “Bloodshot” from Feb. 1993.  A character that was first revealed […]