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Comic Book Spotlight of the Day: Green Lantern Issue #50 – March 1994 (DC Comics)

TITLE: Green Lantern Issue #50 YEAR: March 1994 COMPANY: DC Comics Writer: Ron Marz Penciler: Darryl Banks Inker: Romeo Tanghal Colorist: Steve Mattsson Letterer: Albert Deguzman Asst. Editor: Eddie Berganza Editor: Kevin Dooley With issue #49 featuring Hal Jordan going crazy and taking many of the rings of various Green Lanterns in order to become powerful and recreate his city, needless to say, the drive for more power has made […]

Green Lantern vol. 3, Issue #46 – October 1993 (DC Comics)

TITLE: Green Lantern Issue #46 YEAR: October 1993 COMPANY: DC Comics Writer: Gerard Jones Penciller: M.D. Bright Inker: Romeo Tanghal Colorist: Anthony Tollin Letterer: Albert De Guzman Asst. Editor: Eddye Berganza Editor: Kevin Dooley As DC Comics saw the success of the “Death of Superman” and milked it with the “Return of Superman” and also the emergence of those who became a replacement for the iconic hero, there was no […]

Guy Gardner vol. 1, Issue #1 – October 1992 (DC Comics)

TITLE: Guy Gardner Vol. 1, Issue 1 YEAR: October 1992 COMPANY: DC Comics Writers: Gerard Jones Penciller: Joe Staton  Inker: Terry Beatty Colorist: Anthony Tollin Letterer: Albert De Guzman Assistant Editor: Eddie Gerganza Editor: Kevin Dooley Back in the ’90s, having characters with a rough, almost anti-hero edge was the rage. Sure, Wolverine and even Incredible Hulk have been characters in the Marvel Universe that have played the good guy […]