Comic Book Spotlight of the Day: Call of Duties Zombies TPB – November 2017 (Dark Horse Comics)

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TITLE: Call of Duties: Zombies TPB

YEAR: November 2017

COMPANY: Dark Horse Comics

Writer: Jason Blundell, Craig Houston

Script by Justin Jordan

Art by Jonathan Wayshak

Colors by Dan Jackson, Lovern Kindzierski

Letters by Michael Heisler

For those who spent hours playing the zombies game mode for “Call of Duty: Black Ops II” game may find the comic book TPB (collecting all six issues) from Dark Horse Comics to be entertaining.

Written by Jason Blundell and Craig Houston, the storyline focuses on four individuals: the mysterious yet a little senile Russman, outdoorsman Stuhlinger, engineer Marlton and hunter, Misty who were last seen on the “Buried” map and are trying to escape an unstable and fractured future Earth.

The four must team up to face the oncoming hordes of zombies led by a former high ranking SS soldier turned zombie on Maxis’ apocalyptic wasteland.

As the four retreat into a building, unfortunately zombies are everywhere.  But what secrets lie in the facility that they are currently at?  And are all four individuals able to team up or will there ego’s drive them apart?

For the most part, I found the storyline to be fascinating, as you have four individuals trying to outwit, escape and survive from many zombies.

But I do recommend playing the game before reading this TPB as you need to know characters such as Edward Richtofen and Dr. Ludvig Maxis and also the problems with the timeline.

Artwork by Jonathan Wayshak is well-done, if anything, the story written by Jason Blundell and Craig Houston is action-packed and entertaining.  But there is part of me that was hoping for something a bit more, or even a character death.

Otherwise, this is an extension of the zombie game mode of “Call of Duty: Black Ops II” and what transpires between the four characters.  And if you have played the game, then “Call of Duty: Zombies” is for you!


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