Comic Book Spotlight of the Day: Suicide Squad Issue #10 – February 1988 (DC Comics)

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TITLE: Suicide Squad Issue #10

RELEASE: February 1988


Writer: John Ostrander

Penciller: Luke McDonnell

Inker: Bob Lewis

Letterer: Todd Klein

Colorist: Julianna Perriter

Editor: Robert Greenberger

For those who watched the film “Suicide Squad”, about a top secret government projected headed by Amanda Waller utilizing supervillains to carry out secret missions for reduced prison sentences.

Back in the ’80s, you have a female Rambo-like soldier named Duchess and the government is trying to recruit a field team leader, Colonel Rick Flag to lead the team.

Meanwhile in prison, as the guards watch over the various cells, one cell  showcases a man escaping from his prison cell and retrieving package from the store room, which is the Batman outfit.  The man escaping from the prison cell is Bruce Wayne, Batman.

As Amanda and her staff were calling it a day, she’s alerted by the guard that a program is running in her office which alerts Amanda Waller that there is an intruder and the person pulled up the whole organizational chart and the Suicide Squad’s cover has been blown.

When they start to look for the assailant who may still be in the prison, they discover it’s Batman.  She sends Colonel Flag, Duchess and Floyd Lawton (Deadshot) to stop Batman but as the security is sealed and Amanda Waller manages to confront Batman, the two have a war of words.

Batman is angry that the government is secretly putting unreformed menaces back onto the street, menaces that he and others have put away.

Amanda tells him that she does what she can because its necessary and as Batman threatens to unveil her secret, she threatens Batman that if he blows the whistle on them, she will blow the whistle on his true identity.

No doubt this confrontation was going to happen but with the Suicide Squad being one of the DC Comics more popular anti-hero comic book series, this issue was very cool as it features Batman and Amanda Waller confronting each other about the Suicide Squad program and an issue worth recommending!


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