Comic Book Spotlight of the Day: Batman Day 2017 Special Edition #1 (Batman Rebirth issue #16) – October 2017 (DC Comics)

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TITLE: Batman Day 2017 Special Edition #1 (Batman Rebirth issue #16)

YEAR: October 2017


Writer: Tom King

Pencils and Inks: David Finch

Colors: John Workman

Letters: David Finch, Danny Miki and Jordie Bellaire

Associate Editor: Rebecca Taylor

Editor: Mark Doyle

Batman was created by Bob Kane with Bill Finger

For “Batman Day 2017”, the year marked the 25th Anniversary of Harley Quinn.

And as Harley Quinn takes over this year’s Batman Day, to celebrate the occasion, DC Comics released three comic books to showcase Harley Quinn, but to make sure that Batman Day is still celebrated, DC Comics released a reprint of “Batman Rebirth” issue #16 with a difference.

The differences is the cover would pay homage to “Dark Knight Returns” issue #1 but feature a Harley Quinn silhouette and at the beginning and the ending of the comic book would feature three pages featuring Harley Quinn talking about how she is more popular than Batman and how popular her character has been in the last 25-years.

In this issue, Bane has been released and Bruce Wayne knows that means he and everyone close to him are in trouble.

Meanwhile, Bruce is trying to save Gotham Girl (who is dying because her super powers are tied to her life force).

When Bruce Wayne meets Damian, Jason and Dick at a local fast food restaurant selling Batman and Joker-related food and merchandise, Bruce has to tell them the truth that he wants to take on Bane alone and wants them to leave. (Like that’s going to happen)

He also meets with Catwoman while trying to look for Gordon and when Gordon and Gotham PD arrive, they try to arrest Catwoman and berates Batman for not stopping her and help them arrest her.

Meanwhile, as Bruce and Alfred try to help Gotham Girl, what they discover hanging in the Batcave surprises them.

The issue is actually pretty cool as it sets up chapter 1 of “I Am Bane” and the newly added Harley Quinn pages to celebrate “Batman Day” or “Harley Quinn Day” were fun and entertaining.

But the fact that this comic was offered as free comic for “Batman Day”, it’s  an arc that I highly recommend reading.  And for some, it may be a lot better to check out “Batman vol. 3: I Am Bane” available as a hardback.

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