Comic Book Spotlight of the Day: Marvel Tales vol. 1, issue #106 – August 1979 (Marvel Comics)

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TITLE: Marvel Tales vol. 1, Issue #106

YEAR: August 1979

COMPANY: Marvel Comics

Scripter: Gerry Conway

Artist: Ross Andru 

Inkers: F. Giacoia/D.Hunt   

Letterer: J. Costanza

Colorist: Dave Hunt

Editor: Roy Thomas

When it came to reading reprints of classic Marvel Comics, one title that one could always count on was “Marvel Tales”.

While the original release were annuals (two issues released in 1964-1965) that were 25 cents, by 1966, it was a way for people to read back-issues of “The Amazing Spider-Man” issues #3-291 and would last through November 1994.

If there were any issues with original material, it would be the early issues #30 featuring a Spider-Man reprint and an original story featuring X-Men’s Angel.

And the reprints featured minor details and references that changed.

For me, “Marvel Tales” were a great way to read classic Spider-Man stories that would cost an arm and a leg if I tried to purchase the original.

And one issue of “Marvel Tales” that I own is the first appearance of The Punisher in “Amazing Spider-Man” issue #129 and reprinted in “Marvel Tales” issue #106.

In this issue, Spider-Man has been labeled by the Daily Bugle as a murderer responsible for killing Norman Osborn (who was the original Green Lantern).  And many people see Spider-Man as a vigilante.

With the Jackal hiring mercenary, Frank Castle a.k.a. The Punisher, to get rid of Spider-Man, his nemesis.

Thinking that Spider-Man is a callous killer, The Punisher tries to hunt him down.  But he does things the way he wants and the way he wants without interference.  And each time the Jackal wants Spider-Man dead, The Punisher doesn’t like to have people die a certain death  and this upsets Jackal.

Meanwhile, Harry Osborn is stressing out, thinking that Peter Parker knows he is Green Goblin and can’t confide in him.

Meanwhile, Spider-Man looks for leads to find out how he can discuss with the Punisher that he is not a killer.  And when he finds one of Punisher’s guns leading him to a weapon shot, he finds the shop owner dead and when the Punisher comes inside to the shop, he sees Spider-Man standing over the deceased and thinking Spider-Man has killed again.

Will Spider-Man be able to prove to the Punisher of how he is innocent?

Overall, while I grew up enjoying “Marvel Tales” starring Spider-Man, during my younger years, these were how I accessed older back issues of “The Amazing Spider-Man” but it’s always fascinating how much has changed, now that I am an adult and for some reason, it’s hard for me to read reprints because I want to own the originals.

But with that being said, I still don’t own “Amazing Spider-Man” issue #129, the first appearance of The Punisher.  Just this old reprint from when I was a child.  But I guess, I’m cool with that!


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