Comic Book Spotlight of the Day: Batman and the Outsiders vol. 1, issue #11 – June 1984 (DC Comics)

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TITLE: Batman and the Outsiders vol. 1, issue #11

YEAR: June 1984


Writer/Editor/Co-Creator: Mike W. Barr

Artist/Co-Creator: Jim Aparo

Colorist: Adrienne Roy


Many DC Comics fans who tune into the movies discovered the character, Katana through the film “Suicide Squad”.

The character Tatsu Yamashiro is a Japanese woman that is trained in martial arts and also has great swordsmanship.  In the film, we saw how her sword is important because the soul of her deceased husband, Maseo is embedded in her sword.

In the comic books, no one was aware of Tatsu’s secret until “Batman and the Outsiders” issue #11.

In this issue, we see Tatsu and action, when she and Brion are attacked by thiefs, and both easily defeating them.  And we see Tatsu giving a gift (a kitten) to her roommate Gabrielle (Halo) in hopes she can have some alone time with her sword (Maseo) without any distractions as she gives her sword a cleaning.

But while cleaning her sword, a mysterious man comes and attacks and defeats her and steals her sword.  For Tatsu, she realizes the man responsible is Takeo, the brother of her deceased husband Maseo and the man responsible for killing her him and also embedding his soul on her sword.  And now he has stolen it from her.

As Tatsu leaves to go after Takeyo, Halo finds Tatsu’s goodbye note.

When Tatsu arrives in Japan and arrives to her hotel, waiting for her inside her hotel room is Batman and her fellow members of The Outsiders.

And Tatsu reveals to everyone why she’s after Takeo and why she wants her sword back.

The issue sets up Katana’s origin for issue #12 and what happened to her husband Maseo.  But for the most part, this issue shows us a side of Tatsu, an emotional side (moreso for showing how close she and Gabrielle have gotten as friends/roommates) but also how important her sword is for her and also showing her kick butt!

A wonderful issue by Mike W. Barr and Jim Aparo and no doubt a two-story arc worth reading!

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