Batman issue #497 – July 1993 (DC Comics)

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TITLE: Batman Issue #497

YEAR: 1993


Writer: Doug Moench

Artist: Jim Aparo

Inker: Dick Giordano

Colorist: Adrienne Roy

Letterer: Richard Starkings

Asst. Editor: Jordan B. Gorfinkel

Editor: Dennis O’Neil

Batman created by Bob Kane

One of the largest events from DC Comics, next to the “Death of Superman” was the “Knightfall” series which been hyped of Bane breaking Batman’s back and literally leaving Bruce Wayne paralyzed.

The comic book series was not a major shock as it was hyped prior to the issues coming out but what readers wanted to see is how it would all happen.

Needless to say, DC Comics was on a role with tweaking its characters, seeing the sales success of “The Death of Superman” and already, they had their eyes set on tweaking Batman and Green Lantern (which I will get into in another post).

And before “Batman” issue #497, we would see how Batman was getting too exhausted with all that was taking place in his crime fighting evenings thanks to the most heinous inmates being freed from Arkham, literally leaving him with not enough sleep, wearing him down and it was all the plan of Bane.

With issue #497, a disheveled, sleepless Bruce Wayne awakens to find Alfred knocked out while finding Bane in Wayne Manor.

Bane explains that he wants control of Gotham and to do that, he must break Batman.  And sure enough, a battle ensues between both men.

Considering Bruce Wayne is without sleep, worn out and exhausted, Bane is able to beat Batman to a pulp.  And while Alfred goes to escape to find Tim (Robin) and Jean Paul, it’s too late.

And the iconic image of Bane breaking Batman’s back as featured in the front cover is done.

And thus leading to the following arcs: KnightsQuest and KnightsEnd.

While I enjoyed the series, which had its share of ups and downs, because the storyline crossed over to other comic books, and everyone else trying to get the comic, it was not easy to collect and often, having missing issues became common.  The good news is that the omnibus are now coming out, so people can check out KnightFall (available now) and KnightQuest (to be released in October 2017).



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