Doom 2099 vol. 1, issue #1 – January 1993 (Marvel Comics)

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TITLE: Doom 2099 vol. 1, issue 1

YEAR: January 1993

COMPANY: Marvel Comics

Writer: John Francis Moore

Penciler: Pat Broderick

Inker: Alfredo Alcala

Colorist: Christie Seneele

Letterer: John Costanza

Editor: Joey Cavalieri

Editor-in-Chief: Tom DeFalco

In 1992, Marvel Comic had decided to publish a few books that take place in the future and may or may not be the future of Marvel’s Earth 616 (the Earth that most people are reading in Marvel Comic books).

And with the release of titles such as “Spider-Man 2099”, “X-men 2099”, “Ravage 2099” and “Punisher 2099”, to name a few, Marvel Comics also featured a series showcasing Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s famous villain, Doctor Doom.

“Doom 2099” begins with an earlier Dr. Doom (pre-face scarring) materializing inside an energy sphere in the year 2099.  Castle Doom is in ruins, Dr. Doom is merely a historical figure (who had disappeared 50-100 years before) and the person who has ruled Latveria is a feared cyborg mercenary/dictator named Tyger Wylde.

Surprised by how much Latveria has changed, Dr. Doom decides to pay Tyger Wylde a visit and to let him know that he is reclaiming the throne.

Needless to say, things don’t go so well for Dr. Doom as an unbelieving Tyger Wylde decides to torture the man behind the mask (as this Victor Von Doom has no scarred face) and burns his face.

Nearly left for dead, Dr. Doom is rescued by rebels with a few who are from his original gypsy tribe and had family members loyal to Dr. Doom, who believe him and are willing to aid him in his mission to reclaim his throne.

With the help of a Pixel employee that he liberates from corporate enslavement, Dr. Celia Quinones performs neurocybersurgery on Doom with 2099 technology.  And now Doom wants his revenge but to also regain control of his homeland to become the Monarch of Latveria once again.

Possibly one of the better 2099 titles released in the ’90s, “Doom 2099” was written by John Francis Moore and pencils by Pat Broderick.  Definitely a series worth reading!


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