Katy Keene Special vol. 1, issue #2 – February 1984 (Archie Comics)

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TITLE: Katy Keene Special vol. 1, issue #2

YEAR: February 1984

COMPANY: Archie Comics

Writer/Artist: Bill Woggon

Color: B. Grossman

Editor: Robin Snyder

Cover Artist: John S. Lucas

She is a young woman of charm and glamour and the character Katy Keene has her legion of fans.

Introduced back in 1945 in “Wilbur Comics” issue #5, Katy Keene would receive her own title in 1949-1961.  Similar to other series such as “Patsy & Heddy”, readers had the opportunity to create designs for Katy and also her younger sister.

In 1979, with the permission of Archie Comics, Katy Keene fan Craig Leavitt published the “Katy Keene Fan Magazine” which lasted through 1983 and would feature the artwork of John S. Lucas and also work from other fans.  And since then, there have been events known as Katy-Kons to celebrate the popular character.  And in 1983, Archie Comics released “Katy Keen Special Issue” featuring reprint of Bill Woggon’s original work.

In the first story, Doctor Kildear has invited Katy to a costume ball.  With her young sister, the two go to a costume shop and decide to try many outfits (which the employee has to unbox and take them out to her).  But which costume will Katy select?  Or will she select any?

Not all stories are about Katy as this issue features a reprint of Suzie by Bill Woggon and this story is about an artist named Mr. Sanabich who is a surreal artist that is in trouble and if he doesn’t make rent, he’ll be kicked out of his apartment.

He decides to paint a portrait and hires Suzie as a model, but Suzie gets into a little trouble during her photoshoot.

For the next Katy Keene story, Katy is waiting for Randy to pick her up.  But her young sister comments that her perfume is too strong. But what happens to Randy on his way to picking up Katy?

And the final Katy Keene story features K.O. telling Katy of all the nice places where he would take her on their honeymoon but Katy’s little sister starts teasing K.O. with the places that Randy would take Katy on their honeymoon.  How far would K.O. go to take Katy out for their “dream honeymoon”?

For the most part, this issue of “Katy Keene Special” was fun and entertaining and it’s great when comic books did take the time to reprint some of these classics back then. What’s interesting is there is a letter to the editor section and cover artist John S. Lucas writes a letter and the artwork he included ended up being the cover for this second issue, which was very cool.

But for those who enjoy classic romantic comic books, especially those familiar with the “Archie” comic book series, will no doubt enjoy the stylish and glamorous Katy Keene in “Katy Keene Special”.


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