Hero Alliance Quarterly vol. 1, Issue #1 – Summer 1991 (Innovation)

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TITLE: Hero Alliance Quarterly vol. 1, Issue #1

YEAR: Summer 1991

COMPANY: Innovation

Writer: (First Story) George Broderick Jr. (Second Story)

Plot Assist: Zoltan Toth

Penciller/Letterer: Matt Thompson

Inker: George Perez

Colorist: Scott Rockwell

Editor: David Campiti

With the success that the comic book series “Hero Alliance” has been for Innovation, there have always been plans for spin-offs with various characters.  And while a one-shot for the character Sentry was released, to address stories involving characters from “Hero Alliance”, Innovation released “Hero Alliance Quarterly” back in 1991.

The first quarterly came with two stories.  The first titled “As I Was Going to St. Ives” which features the female members of Hero Alliance wanting to go out and have fun.  So, Kris, Renyatta and Tawny go out to a nightclub but what they weren’t expecting is the amount of trouble that they come into on their way to the club.

For the second story, Kris visits the Lundelman Research to meet with Dr. Gordon to test out her special abilities, but happens when Dr. Gordon wants more from Kris, than just being a client?

The first quarterly was no doubt entertaining for “Hero Alliance” fans as it focused on the female characters of the group and it goes beyond them using their super abilities but for them to gain some normalcy but also dealing with a few insecurities that they must have.

With the first storyline, Kris tries to show the girls a fun night but they run into quite a bit of trouble on their way to the nightclub.  As Ren tries to fit in, Tawny feels that her super abilities are worth anything compared to the other two ladies.

While for the second storyline, “Past Perfect”, we have Kris who wants to know more about her powers but also learn about her feelings towards Victor, who pretty much tries to avoid any intimacy with Kris.  As we know in the comic books, Victor (who is much older) looked at Kris’ father as his good friend and mentor.  So, he has a hard time committing, but also he’s dealing with a lot of issues since previous members of “Heroes Alliance” had died and he blames himself.

While Victor’s storyline is explored heavily in the comic book series, we get to see a vulnerable side of Kris as she goes to be examined by a doctor who has fallen for her.  But how far will things go between these two?

An entertaining, mature (no nudity) storyline featuring the female members of Hero Alliance, fans of the series will no doubt enjoy the quarterly issues.


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