Paper Girls TPB vol. 1 – December 2016 (Image Comics)

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TITLE: Paper Girls TPB Book 1

YEAR: December 2016

COMPANY: Image Comics

Writer: Brian K. Vaughan

Artist: Cliff Chiang

Colors: Matt Wilson

Letters: Jared K. Fletcher

In October 2015, writer Brian K. Vaughan (“Y: The Last Man”, “Ex Machina”, “Runaways”, “Pride of Baghdad” and “Saga”) and artist Cliff Chiang (“Human Target”, “Beware the Creeper”, “Crisis: Aftermath: The Spectre”, “Green Arrow/Black Canary”, “Wonder Woman”) would create the mystery/science fiction comic book series “Paper Girls”, published by Image Comics.

And available are the first two paperback volumes of “Paper Girls” collection five issues each.

A winner of two Eisner Awards in 2016 for “Best New Series” and “Best Penciller/Inker”, the comic book series would is set in the ’80s and revolves around four paper girls Erin, MacKenzie, Tiffany and KJ.

As 12-year-old Erin is delivering newspapers early in the morning, she stops by a group of young guys who are egging houses in the neighborhood.  As one of the guys demands a newspaper for free from Erin, three paper girls comes to her defense.

As the four girls get introduced to each other, MacKenzie comes up with an idea for the four paper girls to team up to finish delivery newspapers to the entire development if they split into two groups, Tiffany supplying Erin and MacKenzie with a walkie talkie while she and KJ hold onto the other.

As Erin and MacKenzie are developing newspapers, they hear KJ requesting for help.  When they arrive, they find out that the two have been jumped by three guys and stole Tiffany’s walkie talkie.

As the four paper girls pursue the three men, they go to an unfinished house to see if they are inside.  When they go in the house, they discover a machine and Erin wonders if it’s an alien vessel as it looks like an old Apollo castle.

Next thing the girls know they hear a noise coming from the machine and each of the four are zapped.

As the girls run out, the skies are pink, lightning is striking and a lot of humans appear to have been missing and flying beasts are flying through the air.

What happened to the world?  And what kind of machine did these paper girls discover?

Because I have not followed the American comic book scene in nearly two decades, I read that Brian K. Vaughan’s work is one I should definitely read.

So, I figured why not try his most recent work, “Paper Girls”.

What I enjoyed about this series is the unexpected adventures of these paper girls when they come out to a new world that has changed considerably for the worst.  Meanwhile, there are individuals zapping up humans and the paper girls immediately become a target.  And surprisingly, something bad happens to one of them.

And that’s all I’m going to say because the storyline is so good and leaves readers wanting more!  And so much happens than what I briefly summarized, so be prepared for a fun, exciting and action-packed storyline!

The first trade paper-back collects the first five issues and the second vol. collects the next five and I’m sure when issues 13-15 are eventually released, we will see the third trade paperback released.

But Brian K. Vaughan’s writing is captivating and the artwork by Cliff Chiang is also well-done and a style which I haven’t seen in other comic books.  So, I really enjoyed “Paper Girls” vol. 1 TPB and I can’t wait to read volume two.


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