The Invaders vol. 1, Issue #18 – July 1977 (Marvel Comics)

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TITLE: The Invaders – Vol. 1, Issue #18

YEAR: July 1977

COMPANY: Marvel Comics

Writer/Editor: Roy Thomas

Illustrators: Frank Robbins & Frank Springer

Letter: J. Costanza

Colorists: G. Roussos

Back in 1964, writer Roy Thomas and artist Sal Buscema would feature the debut of The Invaders in “The Avengers” issue #71.  But the group before the had The Invaders monicker dates back in the mid-1940’s in “All Winners Comics” issue #19 (Fall 1946) which was published by Timely Comics (the original name before it changed to Marvel Comics in 1961) and they would appear once more in issue #21.

The superhero team was known as “The All-Winners Squad” and featured a team which would consist of Captain America, Bucky, Human Torch, Toro, Sub-Mariner, Whizzer, Miss America, Blonde Phantom and Angel (not the same Angel from the Uncanny X-Men).

In 1975, the first issue of “The Invaders” was released and the setting would be during World War II and Adolf Hitler and the Nazis were the primary antagonists.

In issue #18 of “The Invaders”, Captain America is beaten by the seven foot Nazi female warrior, “The Warrior Woman”.

As she throws him off to sea, another anti-Nazi superhero breaks his fall.  His name is The Mighty Destroyer (first appearance in “Mystic Comics” Issue #8, 1942), and according to writer/historian Roy Thomas, Destroyer was Stan Lee’s most popular hero prior to “The Fantastic Four” back then.

And unlike other heroes, Destroyer’s home base was in occupied Europe.

As The Mighty Destroyer saves Captain America’s life, Namor is being pummeled by the strong Nazi warrior, Master Man.

Adolf Hitler praises his two Nazi heroes for defeating the Invaders but Adolf Hitler praises both The Warrior Woman and Master Man as being birthed in his own image and this upsets The Warrior Woman who frowns down upon Master Man.  And Hitler tells them that both will marry each other which upsets The Warrior Woman and she refuses.  When Hitler asks if The Warrior Woman is defying him, she tells him it was so unexpected and needs alone time to think.  Meanwhile, the Master Man is upset that the Warrior Woman refuses him.

As Hitler has the Invaders caged and has them locked up, so they can’t use their power or abilities, he now plans to parade them to his Nazi supporters.  Meanwhile, he sends his Nazi’s to get Captain America’s body and shield, so the Nazi’s can examine them.

But as three Nazi soldiers go underwater to retrieve Captain America, he and the Mighty Destroyer are able to escape and plan their next move in hopes to rescue his fellow Invaders.

If there was anything I saw, reading it in 2017, was the final panel and Captain America’s final words.  A tad bit overdramatic to hear from Cap, but then again, there have been many different sides we have seen of Steve Rogers and Captain America through the years.

It has been a long time since I have read “The Invaders”.  To be truthful, the last memory I have is when I was probably six-years-old, my parents went bowling and I didn’t care too much about bowling  that I sat in the chair and read an issue of “The Invaders”.

It’s very interesting because I read at a very young age and loved reading comic books, while my son at first grade was told he had a reading level close to a fourth grader and at fourth grade, told he had a reading level of  junior high schooler.

And I suppose that is why I loved reading “The Invaders” is that I remember reading an issue at a bowling alley and I was cool with that.  Comic books were away to keep me quiet or busy and for me, it was my most entertaining form of entertainment (not so much television, until MTV and Nickelodeon debuted on television).

Overall, “The Invaders” issue #18 is an important issue if you are a fan of The Mighty Destroyer and part of his origin of how he became the character is told in this issue.



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