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Comic Book Spotlight of the Day: Dr. Strange, Sorcerer Supreme vol. 1, issue #31 – July 1991 (Marvel Comics)

TITLE: Dr. Strange, Sorcerer Supreme vol. 1, issue #31 YEAR: July 1991 COMPANY: Marvel Comics Written by Roy & Dann Thomas Guest Artist: Tony Dezuniga Letterer: Rick Parker Colorist: George Roussos Editor: Mike Rockwitz Editor-in-Chief: Tom DeFalco Back in 1991, “The Infinity Gauntlet” surprised people as many heroes (and half the population) throughout the universe have went missing as Thanos was able to collect the Infinity Gems and followed the […]

The Spider-Woman vol. 1, Issue #5 – August 1978 (Marvel Comics)

TITLE: The Spider-Woman – Vol. 1, Issue 5 YEAR: August 1978 COMPANY: Marvel Comics Writer/Editor: Marv Wolfman Illustrator: Carmine Infantino Embellisher: Tony Dezuniga Letterer: John Costanza Colorist: Michele Wolfman With Marvel Comics not wanting to take a chance of another comic book publisher creating a comic book with the name “Spider-Woman”, Marvel Comics knowing well of the competition from DC Comics with Marvel introducing their character Wonder Man and DC […]

Arak: Son of Thunder vol. 1, Issue #3 – November 1981 (DC Comics)

TITLE: Arak: Son of Thunder – Vol. 1, Issue 3 YEAR: November 1981 COMPANY: DC Comics Created by Roy Thomas and Ernie Colon Written by Roy Thomas Penciler: Ernie Colon Embelisher: Tony Dezuniga Letterer: John Costanza Colorist: Adrienne Roy Editor: Dick Giordano One thing you will notice in the comics that I feature, many feature the written work of Roy Thomas. Stan Lee hired Roy Thomas at Marvel and Roy […]