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The Dirty Pair: Sim Hell Issue 1 of 4 – May 1993 (Dark Horse Comics)

TITLE: The Dirty Pair: Sim Hell Issue 1 of 4 YEAR: May 1993 COMPANY: Dark Horse Comics Story and Art by Adam Warren  Screentones and Lettering by Tomoko Saito Editors: Chris Warner and John Weeks Based on Characters and Situations Created by Haruka Takachiho In 1980, Haruka Takachiho and illustrator Yoshikazu Yasuhiko created a sci-fi light novel titled “Dirty Pair”. So popular, a total of eight novels were created, an […]

Bubblegum Crisis – Grand Mal Issue #1 – March 1994 (Dark Horse Comics)

TITLE: Bubblegum Crisis – Grand Mal Issue #1 YEAR: March 1994 COMPANY: Dark Horse Comics Story, Pencils, Inks and Cover Line Art: Adam Warren Inks and Cover Cel Painting: Robert Dejesus Cover Background Airbrush: Pat Duke Colors: Joe Rosas Lettering: Tomoko Saito Editors: John Weeks, Edward Martin III Book Design: Scott Tice Back in 1987, an anime series titled “Bubblegum Crisis” was released as an Original Video Animation (OVA) produced […]