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Batman Issue #422 – August 1988 (DC Comics)

TITLE: Batman Issue #421 YEAR: August 1988 COMPANY: DC Comics Created by Bob Kane Writer: Jim Starlin Penciler: Dick Giordano Inker: Joe Rubinstein and Steve Mitchell Colorist: Anthony Tollin Letterer: John Costanza Edited by Denny O’Neil Two days ago, I wrote about Jim Starlin and what he has done for Marvel Comics and DC Comics and prior to “A Death in the Family”, he wrote a two-issue arc about a […]

Static – vol. 1, Issue #1 – June 1993 (Milestone Media/DC Comics)

TITLE: Static – vol. 1, Issue #1 YEAR: June 1993 COMPANY: Milestone Media/DC Comics Writers: Dwayne McDuffie, Robert L. Washington III Penciller: John Paul Leon Inker: Steve Mitchell Colorist: Noelle C. Giddings Letterer: Steve Haynie Back in 1993, the comics world would see a major milestone taking place in the industry, a comic book imprint founded by African-American artists and writers under a major comic book company, DC Comics.  Created […]