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Date with Debbi – Issue #16 – July/August 1971 (DC Comics)

TITLE: Date with Debbi Issue #16 YEAR: July/August 1971 COMPANY: DC Comics Penciler/Inker: Stan Goldberg, Henry Scarpelli Henry Scarpelli is best known for his work on the Archie Comics titles.  The look and style that people who grew up reading in the ’80s, 90’s and 2000s were from Scarpelli but prior to that, in the ’60s and ’70s, Scarpelli’s work was known for his work on “Leave It to Binky” […]

Archie Meets the Punisher – Vol. 1, Issue 1 (August 1994) (Archie Comics/Marvel Comics)

TITLE:  Archie Meets the Punisher – Vol. 1, Issue 1 YEAR: August 1994 COMPANY: Archie Comics/Marvel Comics Written by Batton Lash Artists: John Buscema (Punisher), Stan Goldberg (Archie) Letterer: Jack Morelli Colorist: Barry Grossman   Inker: Tom Palmer It was the issue that started out as a joke, Victor Gorelick with an idea of an Archie and Punisher crossover with a violent storyline that then Archie Comics publishers Richard Goldwater […]