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Comic Book Spotlight of the Day: Magi – The Labyrinth of Magic vol. 26 – October 2017 (Viz Media)

TITLE: Magi – The Labyrinth of Magic vol. 26 YEAR: October 2017 (US Release) COMPANY: Viz Media Story and Art by Shinobu Ohtaka The kingdom is headed to an all out war.    Hakuryu has been consumed by darkness and with his magi Judar, his first goal is to kill his evil mother Gyokoen and next, he has his eyes set on Lord Koen. Meanwhile, Alibaba and Aladdin travel to Rakusho, […]

Cross Game vol. 1 – October 2010 (Shonen Sunday)

TITLE: Cross Game vol. 01 YEAR: October 2010 (USA release) COMPANY: Shonen Sunday Story and Art by Mitsuru Adachi Mitsuru Adachi is one of the most highly respected mangaka in Japan. He is also known for his manga that revolves around baseball and high school/grade school crushes.  But Adachi’s most famous work is “Touch”, a baseball/romantic comedy and a winner of the 1983 Shogakukan Manga Award (his second consecutive award […]