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Comic Book Spotlight of the Day: The Brave and the Bold Issue #81 – December 1968-January 1969 (Superman-DC/National Comics)

TITLE: The Brave and the Bold issue #81 YEAR: December 1968 – January 1969 COMPANY: Superman-DC/National Comics Back in 1955, Superman-DC/National Comics released “The Brave and the Bold”, a bi-monthly anthology series that would focus on the Silent Knight, the Viking Prince, the Golden Gladiator and Robin Hood. By issue #25, the series then featured the Suicide Squad (not the version with Harley Quinn) and also issues featuring Hawkman and […]

Young Romance Issue #131 – August/Sept. 1964 (Superman-DC National Comics)

TITLE: Young Romance Issue #131 YEAR: August/Sept. 1964 COMPANY: Superman-DC National Comics Before DC Comics, the company was known as National Comics but for a short time, they went with Superman-DC National Comics.  And just in case you don’t forget, the title of the series and the company logo was displayed in nearly every page. And while Superman, Batman and Robin, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and the Flash were notable […]