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Babe Issue #1 – July 1994 (Legend)

TITLE: Babe Issue #1 YEAR: July 1994 COMPANY: Legend Story & Art by John Byrne Coloring by Matt Webb Painted cover Art by Gary Cody There is no doubt that John Byrne had a hand of making Marvel Universe’s She-Hulk to be cool, sexy, intelligent and independent on top of her superhuman strength, like her cousin Bruce Banner a.k.a. The Incredible Hulk. But he had created the concept for “Babe” […]

John Byrne’s Next Men Issue #1 (January 1992) (Dark Horse Comics)

TITLE: John Byrne’s Next Men Issue #1 YEAR:  January 1992 COMPANY: Dark Horse Comics Story & Art: John Byrne Colors: Matt Webb Executive Editor: Randy Stradley Managing Editor: Barbara Kesel When it comes to comic book artists and writers, if there was an artist that I grew up reading and respecting his work as a child, it was John Byrne. May it be his work from Marvel’s “Fantastic Four”, “Uncanny […]