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Roots of the Swamp Thing Issue #1 – July 1986 (DC Comics)

TITLE: Roots of the Swamp Thing issue #1 YEAR: July 1986 COMPANY: DC Comics Written By Len Wein Illustrated by Berni Wrightson Colored by Tatjana Wood Edited by Joe Orlando It was July 1971 when writer Len Wein and illustrator Bernie Wrightson introduced Swamp Thing to the DC Universe.  While the first appearance was in “House of Secrets” issue #92 featuring a scientist named Alex Olsen. While that was a […]

Comic Book Spotlight of the Day: Detective Comics Starring Batman issue #547 – February 1985 (DC Comics)

TITLE: Detective Comics Starring Batman issue #547 YEAR: February 1985 COMPANY: DC Comics Created by Bob Kane Writer: Doug Moench Artist: Pat Broderick Inker: Klaus Janson Colorist: Adrienne Roy Letterer: Ben Oda Edited by Len Wein When it comes to antagonists, two of the most interesting characters to be featured in “Detective Comics” was Gotham City millionaire Anton Knight and his stepsister Natalia. While Anton lived the good life and […]

Batman and the Outsiders vol. 1, Issue #1 – August 1983 (DC Comics)

TITLE:Batman and the Outsiders vol. 1, issue #1 YEAR: August 1983 COMPANY: DC Comics Writer/Co-Creator: Mike W. Barr Artist/Co-Creator: Jim Aparo Colorist: Adrienne Roy Editor: Len Wein For those who have read “Batman”, especially during the ’80s and ’90s, we have seen a vulnerable Bruce Wayne, overworked, stressed out, frustrated. And dedicated to protecting Gotham and trying to rid the streets of scum, needless to say, its been busy work […]

The New Teen Titans – vol. 1, issue #16 – February 1982 (DC Comics)

TITLE: The New Teen Titans vol. 1, issue #16 YEAR: February 1992 COMPANY: DC Comics Writer/Co-Creators/Artist: Marv Wolfman and George Perez Embellisher: Romeo Tanshal Letterer: John Costanza Colorist: Adrienne Roy Editor: Len Wein When I was still a child, I felt that “The New Teen Titans” vol. 1, issue #16 was the ultimate issue to own. For one, I loved “The New Teen Titans” but it would introduce me to […]

Justice League of America, Vol. 23, Issue 207 (October 1982) (DC Comics)

TITLE:  Justice League of America – Vol. 23, Issue 207 YEAR: October 1982 COMPANY: DC Comics Written by Gerry Conway Artists: Don Heck & Romeo Tanghal Letterer: Ben Oda   Colorist: Carl Gafford   Plot Consultant: Roy Thomas   Editor: Len Wein Another issue from 1982 that I remember very well. As a fan of the Justice League of America, Justice Society of America and the All Star Squadron, to have this team […]