Alpha Flight vol. 1, Issue #1 – August 1983 (Marvel Comics)

TITLE: Marvel Comics vol. 1, Issue #1 YEAR: August 1983 COMPANY: Marvel Comics Creator/Writer/Artist: John Byrne Letterer by Joe Rosen Colorist: Andy Yanchus Editor: Denny O’Neill Editor-in-Chief: Jim Shooter While we often saw superhero groups from America, Europe or superheroes from other planets show up on the pages of Marvel Comics, rarely have we seen […]

Wonder Woman vol. 2, Issue #124 – August 1997 (DC Comics)

TITLE:Wonder Woman vol. 2, issue #124 YEAR: August 1997 COMPANY: DC Comics Writer/Artist: John Byrne Colorist: Patricia Mulvihill Editor: Paul Kupperberg Assistant Editor: Jason Hernandez-Robenblatt Wonder Woman was created by William Moulton Murston The Demon was created by Jack Kirby Wonder Woman and Artemis.  Two characters who are Amazon that would cross paths numerous times […]

ElfQuest – New Blood Summer Special issue #1 – August 1992 (WaRP Graphics)

TITLE: ElfQuest New Blood Summer Special Issue 1 YEAR: August 1992 COMPANY: WaRP Graphics Written by Richard Pini, John Byrne, Terry Beatty, Wendi Lee, Lea Hernandez, Barry Blair, Nat Gertler, Terry Collins Art by Wendy Pini, John Byrne, Gary Kato, Lea Hernandez, Barry Blair, Ken and Beth Mitchroney, Bill Neville, Tara Blomquist, Dave DeVries, Tom […]

The Justice Machine Issue #1 – June 1981 (Noble Comics)

TITLE: The Justice Machine Issue #1 YEAR: June 1981 COMPANY: Noble Comics Conceived and Constructed by Michael Gustovich Aided and Abetted by Inker: William F. Loebs Inker: Charlie Wallace Colored by Bob Berry Lettered by Gustovich Cover Penciled by John Byrne Similar to the ’90s, in the early ’80s, there were numerous independent comic book […]

The Sensational She-Hulk – Vol. 2, Issue #1 – May 1989 (Marvel Comics)

TITLE: The Sensational She-Hulk – Issue #1 YEAR: May 1989 COMPANY: Marvel Comics Writer/Penciler: John Byrne Inker: Bob Wiacek Colorist: Glynis Oliver Letterer: John Workman Editor: Bobbie Chase Editor-in-Chief: Tom DeFalco For those who grew up reading She-Hulk in Marvel Comics, lawyer Jennifer Walters who refused an emergency transfusion from her cousin Bruce Banner thus […]

John Byrne’s Next Men Issue #1 (January 1992) (Dark Horse Comics)

TITLE: John Byrne’s Next Men Issue #1 YEAR:  January 1992 COMPANY: Dark Horse Comics Story & Art: John Byrne Colors: Matt Webb Executive Editor: Randy Stradley Managing Editor: Barbara Kesel When it comes to comic book artists and writers, if there was an artist that I grew up reading and respecting his work as a […]