Comic Book Spotlight of the Day: Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars vol. 1, Issue #1 – May 1984 (Marvel Comics)

TITLE: Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars vol. 1, Issue #1 YEAR: May 1984 COMPANY: Marvel Comics Writer: Jim Shooter Penciller: Michael Zeck  Inker: John Beatty  Letter: Joe Rosen  Colorist: Christie Scheele  Editor: Tom DeFalco In my very first post for, I wrote about “Contest of Champions” being an epic limited series.  It was the first for Marvel Comics but what followed in 1984 was truly epic and it would have long lasting ramification in other comic book series such […]

Comic Book Spotlight of the Day: The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1, Issue #248 – January 1984 (Marvel Comics)

TITLE: The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1, Issue #248 YEAR: January 1984 COMPANY: Marvel Comics Writer: Roger Stern Pencils/Breakdowns: John Romita, Jr./Ron Frenz Finishes: Bret Breeding/Terry Austin Letterer: Diana Albers/Joe Rosen Colors: Bob Sharen/Christie Scheele Editor: Bob DeNatale Editor-in-Chief: Jim Shooter Back in the ’80s,  Marvel Comics would have “Assistant Editor’s Month”, a time when all editors hit the comic conventions and assistants are in charge of the titles they work on. At times, you have really goofy, hilarious stories and […]

Peter Parker,The Spectacular Spider-Man Vol. 1, Issue #1 – December 1976 (Marvel Comics)

TITLE: Peter Parker,The Spectacular Spider-Man Vol. 1, Issue #1 YEAR: December 1976 COMPANY: Marvel Comics Writer/Editor: Gerry Conway Artist/Storyteller: Sal Buscema Inker/Embellisher: Mike Esposito Letterer: Joe Rosen Colorist: Dave Hunt   Spider-Man.  By the 1970’s, he has three comic book series: “Amazing Spider-Man”, “Marvel Team-Up” and the reprint series, “Marvel Tales”. But by the mid-70’s, the cost of printing and the dwindling page count put Marvel in a situations where they felt they couldn’t write the Spider-Man stories that hoped […]

Marvel Graphic Novel Wolfpack! – 1987 (Marvel Comics)

TITLE: Marvel Graphic Novel Wolfpack! YEAR: 1987 COMPANY: Marvel Comics Writer: Larry Hama Pencils: Ron Wilson Inkers: Whilce Portacio, Kyle Baker Colorists: Petra Scotese, Max Scherle, Glynis Oliver Letterer: Joe Rosen Editor: Ann Nocenti Assistant Editor: Terry Kavanagh Editor-in-Chief: Tom DeFalco Back in 1982, Marvel Comics released their first graphic novel trade paperback. These books were oversized (8.5 x 11)and would begin with Jim Starlin’s “The Death of Captain Marvel”.  Marvel Comics Graphic Novel would conclude in 1993 and while […]

Alpha Flight vol. 1, Issue #1 – August 1983 (Marvel Comics)

TITLE: Marvel Comics vol. 1, Issue #1 YEAR: August 1983 COMPANY: Marvel Comics Creator/Writer/Artist: John Byrne Letterer by Joe Rosen Colorist: Andy Yanchus Editor: Denny O’Neill Editor-in-Chief: Jim Shooter While we often saw superhero groups from America, Europe or superheroes from other planets show up on the pages of Marvel Comics, rarely have we seen any other country’s superhero group that would gain in popularity with their own series. Back in 1979, the Canadian superhero group, Alpha Flight, made their […]

Dazzler vol. 1, issue #1 – March 1991 (Marvel Comics)

TITLE: Dazzler vol. 1, issue 1 YEAR: March 1991 COMPANY: Marvel Comics Writer: Tom DeFalco Penciler: John Romita, Jr. Inker: Alfredo Alcala Colorist: Glynis Wein Letterer: Joe Rosen Editor: Louise Jones Editor-in-Chief: Jim Shooter In 1980, the comic book character Dazzler (Alison Blaire) first appeared in “Uncanny X-Men” issue #130. Originally developed as a cross-promotional, multimedia creation between Marvel Comics and Casablanca Records, the character would be created by a committee of Marvel Staff, writer/editor Tom DeFalco and illustrator John […]

Power Pack vol. 1, Issue #1 – August 1984 (Marvel Comics)

TITLE: Power Pack Vol. 1, Issue 1 YEAR: August 1984 COMPANY: Marvel Comics Script-Creators-Penciller: Louise Simonson, June Brigman Inker: Bob Wiacek Colorist: Glynis Wein Letterer: Joe Rosen Editor: Carl Potts Editor-in-Chief: Jim Shooter It was 1984 and I was a kid who picked up his first issue of writer Louise Simonson and artist June Brigman’s first issue of “Power Pack”. A series that lasted for 62 issues and had a few returns with various mini-series, “Power Pack” was a beloved […]

West Coast Avengers Limited Series Issue #1 – September 1984 (Marvel Comics)

TITLE: West Coast Avengers Limited Series Issue #1 YEAR: September 1984 COMPANY: Marvel Comics Writer: Roger Stern Penciler: Bob Hall Inker: Brett Breeding Letterer: Joe Rosen Colorist: Julianna Ferriter Editor: Mark Gruenwald Editor-in-Chief: Jim Shooter 1984 and the question many of comics have asked was, “if the Avengers were in the East Coast, who is going to save those in the West Coast?”. OK, Marvel Comics is in the East Coast, so I figured, they could care less.  Their cities […]