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Comic Book Spotlight of the Day: Big Bang Comics vol. 2, issue #18 – April 1998 (Image Comics)

TITLE: Big Bang Comics vol. 2, issue #18 RELEASE: April 1998 COMPANY: Image Comics Writer: Gary Carlson Penciller: Joe Zierman, Jason Howard, Jeff Weigel, Jason Millet, Joe Cooper, Darren Goodhart Inker:¬† Steve Collins, Mike Matthew, Jason Howard, Jeff Weigel, Jim Brozman, Fred Gartner, Darren Goodhart, Patrick Tuller, Joe Cooper Letterer: Susan Doane Gary Carlson will be known for his creator-owned comic book work with the ’80s anthology Megaton (which helped […]

Megaton Issue #4 – April 1986 (Megaton Comics)

TITLE: Megaton Issue #4 YEAR: April 1986 COMPANY: Megaton Comics Writer: Megaton: Gary Carlson¬† Vanguard: Erik Larsen Artist: Megaton: Angel Medina Inks: Megaton: Tom Dzon Letters: Megaton: Grass Green Editor: Gary Carlson Editor: Mark Paniccia Editor-in-Chief: Axel Alonso Before Gary Carlson would be known for creating “Big Bang Comics”, he was known for self-publishing his own comic book anthology “Megaton” through his creator-owned comic book company, Megaton Comics. Carlson is […]