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Comic Book Spotlight of the Day: SuperPatriot Issue #2 – September 1993 (Image Comics)

TITLE: Superpatriot Issue #5 YEAR: September 1993 COMPANY: Image Comics Creator/Scripter: Erik Larsen Plotter/Storyteller: Keith Giffen Penciler/Inker: Dave Johnson Letterer: Chris Eliopoulos Colorist: Lovern Kindzierski Color Separation: Digital Chameleon Editor: Jannie Wong If you have read “Savage Dragon”, one will recognize the name SuperPatriot. An American superhero named Johnny Armstrong who fought in World War II, he was captured by the Nazis and was used as a guinea pig and […]

Shaman’s Tears – Vol. 1, Issue #1 – May 1993 (Image Comics)

TITLE: Shaman’s Tears #1 YEAR: May 1993 COMPANY: Image Comics Writer/Illustrator: Mike Grell Art Assistant: Brian Snoddy Color Separator: Digital Chameleon Lettering: Steve Haynie Editor: Mike Gold There’s no denying that Mike Grell is one of the most talented surviving comic book writer/artists that is still active and in high demand. With accomplishments from his work on “Green Lantern/Green Arrow”, “The Warlord”, “Green Arrow”, “Jon Sable Frelance” and “Starslayer” (to […]

The Savage Dragon Mini-Series – Issue #1 – July 1992 (Image Comics)

TITLE: The Savage Dragon Mini-Series Issue #1 YEAR: July 1992 COMPANY: Image Comics Creator/Writer/Artist/Inker: Erik Larsen Letterer: Chris Eliopoulos Colorist: Gregory Wright Editor: Jannie Wong Color Separation: Digital Chameleon   Back in 1982, Erik Larsen wanted to get into the comic book industry.  Creating his own characters and making his own personal comic books when he was younger. While Larsen was able to be one of the lucky hopefuls who […]

Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight – Issue #63 – August 1994 (DC Comics)

TITLE: Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight – Issue #63 YEAR: August 1994 COMPANY: DC Comics Writer: Denny O’Neil Penciller: Barry Kitson Inker: Scott Hanna Letterer: Willie Schubert Colorist: Digital Chameleon Assistant Editor: Chuck Kim Associate Editor: Jim Spivey Editor: Archie Goodwin Batman created by Bob Kane From 1993 to 1994, DC Comics wrote one of the largest hyped stories in those two years revolving around Batman. As Batman’s back […]

Youngblood #0 – December 1992 (Image Comics)

TITLE: Youngblood #0 YEAR: December 1992 COMPANY: Image Comics Creator/Writer/Penciller: Rob Liefeld Penciller: Dan Fraga Inks: Danny K. Miki Color Design: Brian Murray Lettering: Kurt Hathaway Technical Assistant: Richard Horie Color Separations: Digital Chameleon Editor: Eric Stephenson for Malibu Comics Back in 1987, writer/artist Rob Liefeld was just starting out in the comic book industry.  While his first major work would not be published until the “Hawk and Dove” DC […]