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Comic Book Spotlight of the Day: Deathlok vol. 1, issue #1 – July 1991 (Marvel Comics)

TITLE: Deathlok vol. 1, issue #1 YEAR: July 1991 COMPANY: Marvel Comics Writer: Dwayne McDuffie/Gregory Wright Penciler: Denys Cowan Inker: Mike Manley Colorist: Gregory Wright Letterer:  Ken Lopez Editor: Tom Brenoort Executive Editor: Bob Budansky Editor-in-Chief: Tom DeFalco Before Dwayne McDuffie and Denys Cowan would go on to create the Milestone Universe for DC Comics imprint, Milestone Comics, two years prior, they would create a comic book series featuring a heroic […]

The Question Issue #1 – February 1986 (DC Comics)

TITLE: The Question Issue #1 YEAR: 1986 COMPANY: DC Comics Script: Dennis O’Neil Penciler: Denys Cowan Inker: Rick Magyar Letters: Gaspar Colors: Tatjana Wood Editor: Mike Gold In 1967, the character “The Question” was created by writer/artist Steve Ditko.  First appearing in Charlton Comics “Blue Beetle” issue #1, the character was acquired by DC Comics in the early 1980s and incorporated in the DC Universe. When the character debuted, the […]

Hardware vol. 1, issue #1 – April 1993 (Milestone Media)

TITLE: Hardware vol. 1, Issue 1 YEAR: April 1993 COMPANY: Milestone Media Writer: Dwayne McDuffie Penciller: Denys Cowan Inker: Jimmy Palmiotti Colorist: Noelle Giddings Letterer: Janice Chiang Back in 1993, the comics world would see a major milestone taking place in the industry, a comic book imprint founded by African-American artists and writers under a major comic book company, DC Comics. Created for the fact that minorities were underrepresented, Milestone […]