Strange Adventures – Vol. 24, Issue #241 – March-April 1973 (DC Comics)

TITLE: Strange Adventures – Vol. 24, Issue #241 YEAR: March-April 1973 COMPANY: DC Comics Story by Gardner Fox Art: Carmine Infantino and Murphy Anderson In 1950, DC Comics released their first science fiction title “Strange Adventures”. The series would be known for superheroes such as Captain Comet, Star Hawkins and the Atomic Knights. Meanwhile, in […]

JLA/JSA – Virtue and Vice TPB (October 2003) (DC Comics)

TITLE: JLA/JSA – Virtue and Vice TPB YEAR: October 1, 2003 COMPANY: DC Comics Writers: David S. Goyer & Geoff Johns Penciller: Carlos Pacheco Inker: Jesus Merino Letterer: Keo Lopez Colorist: Guy Major Cover Penciler: Carlos Pacheco Cover Inker: Jesus Merino Cover Colorist: Guy Major Presidet & Editor-in-Chief: Jenette Khan As I continue my foray […]

Blackest Night: Black Lantern Corps Vol. 1 (July 2011) (DC Comics)

TITLE: Blackest Night: Black Lantern Corps Vol. 1 CONTAINS: Blackest Night: Batman #’s 1-3, Blackest Night: Superman #’s 1-3 and Blackest Night: Titans # ‘s 1-3 YEAR: July 26, 2011 COMPANY: DC Comics Writer: Blackest Night: Batman: Peter J. Tomasi, Blackest Night: Superman: James Robinson and Blackest Night: Titans: J.T. Krull Pencils: Blackest Night: Batman: […]

Superman: Earth One vol. 1 TPB (November 2010) (DC Comics)

TITLE: Superman: Earth One Vol. 1 TPB YEAR: November 2010 COMPANY: DC Comics Story by J. Michael Straczynski Art by Shane Davis Editors: Eddie Berganza & Adam Shlagman I would imagine that it has been nearly 20 years since I have last read a “Superman” comic book. While possibly my largest collection of comic books […]

Justice League of America, Vol. 23, Issue 207 (October 1982) (DC Comics)

TITLE:  Justice League of America – Vol. 23, Issue 207 YEAR: October 1982 COMPANY: DC Comics Written by Gerry Conway Artists: Don Heck & Romeo Tanghal Letterer: Ben Oda   Colorist: Carl Gafford   Plot Consultant: Roy Thomas   Editor: Len Wein Another issue from 1982 that I remember very well. As a fan of the Justice League […]