Hero Illustrated vol. 1, issue #21 – March 1995 (Warrior Publications Periodical)

TITLE: Hero Illustrated vol. 1, issue #21 YEAR: March 1995 COMPANY: Warrior Publications Periodical Editor: Frank Kurtz Senior Editor: Steve Darnall Publisher: Steve Harris If you saw my first post about the first issue of “Hero Illustrated”, I was quite positive. They were the magazine not like Wizard.  Distinguished themselves as a magazine that covers all publishers, not playing favorites and giving a quality magazine for comic book fans without the angst, without the anger, without the belligerence and more. […]

Mad Magazine vol. 1, Issue 72 – July 1962 (E.C. Publications, Inc.)

TITLE: Mad Magazine vol. 1, Issue 72 YEAR: July 1962 COMPANY: E.C. Publications, Inc. Publisher: William M. Gaines Editor: Albert B. Feldstein Art Director: John Putnam Production: Leonard Brenner Contributing Artists and Writers: The Usual Gang of Idiots In 1952, “Mad Magazine” was created by editor Harvey Kutzman and publisher William Gaines. Originally launched as a comic book, it would become a magazine and it was a satirical publication that had a large readership, the largest was in 1974 with […]

Animerica vol. 1, issue #0 – November 1992 (Viz Communications)

TITLE: Animerica vol. 1, issue #0 YEAR: November 1992 COMPANY: Viz Communications Publisher: Masahiro Oga  Executive Editor: Seiji Horibuchi  Managing Editor: Satoru Fujii   Editor: Trish Ledoux Art Director: Yoshiyuki Higuchi Contributing Writers: James D. Hudnall, Yoshitaka Ishigami, Chris Keller, Robert Napton, Takashi Oshiguchi, Rick Sternbach, Matt Thorn Contributing Translators: Takayuki Karahashi, Yoshiyuki Karahashi, Toshifumi Yoshida Since 1986, Viz has been providing Americans access to manga and anime. Jointly owned by Japanese publishers Shueisha, Shogakukan and Shogakukan-Shueisha Productions (ShoPro), the publication […]

Amazing Heroes Issue #9 – March 1982 (Redbeard Inc.)

TITLE: Amazing Heroes Issue #9 YEAR: March 1982 COMPANY: Redbeard Inc. (an imprint of Fantagraphics Books) Editor: Kim Thompson Art Director: Peppy White Assistant Editor: J. Collier Writers: Dwight R. Decker, Jim Korkis, Rich Morrissey, Gene Reed, David Singer Before “Wizard: Guide to Comics Magazine” and “Hero Illustrated”, the only other major comic book magazine in the ’70s and ’80s was “The Comics Journal” (also published by Fantagraphics Books).  But as “The Comics Journal” was seen as an analytical journal, […]

Wizard: The Guide to Comics – San Diego Comic Con 1992 Special Edition – 1992 (Wizard Press)

TITLE: Wizard: The Guide to Comics – San Diego Comic Con 1992 Special Edition YEAR: 1992 COMPANY: Wizard Press President/Publisher: Gareb S. Shamus Business Manager: Martin Schranz Art Director: Cindy Sutherland Production: Douglas Goldstein  Design: Eli-Har-Dof Editor: Patrick Daniel O’Neill Assistant Editor and Creative Director: Patrick McCallum Copy Editor: Daniel Schloss Writers: Craig Cornell, Brian Cunningham, Andy Mangels, PAtrick McCallum, Patrick Daniel O’Neill, Rob Samsel The first year of Wizard Press’ “Wizard: The Guide to Comics” magazine came out when […]

Hero Illustrated vol. 1, issue #1 – July 1993 (Warrior Publications Periodical)

TITLE: Hero Illustrated vol. 1, issue #1 YEAR: July 1993 COMPANY: Warrior Publications Periodical Editor: John Danovich Senior Editor: Frank Kurtz Publisher: Steve Harris When I heard that a new comic book magazine was coming out, I’m going to be truthful, I was surprised. With Wizard Magazine dominating the scene, could this new magazine known as Hero Illustrated make an impact? The answer is a resounding “yes”. Part of the problem with Wizard Magazine was their love for Image Comics.   […]

Cracked Magazine – Issue #200 – December 1983 (Candar Publishing Corp.)

TITLE: Cracked Magazine Issue #200 YEAR: December 1983 COMPANY: Major Magazines/Candar Publishing Corp Publisher: Robert C. Sproul Editor: Elaine Ozimok Contributig Editor: Joe Catalano Writers: George Gladir, Randy Epley, Mike Ricigliano, Don chin, Lorin Wegand Artists: John Severin, Sururi gumen, Bill Ward, Warren Sattler, Don Orehek, Fran Matera Proof Reader: Imogene E. USS Janitor: Sylvester P. Smythe Along with the comic books I purchased as a child, there were two magazines that incorporated comic book stories and other content that […]