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Cracked Magazine – Issue #164 – November 1979 (Candar Publishing Corp.)

TITLE: Cracked Magazine Issue #164 YEAR: November 1979 COMPANY: Major Magazines/Candar Publishing Corp Publisher: Robert C. Sproul Editor: Bill Sproul Contributig Editor: Joe Catalano Writers: George Gladir, Randy Epley, Daniel Gutman, Leo Daveson, David Allikas, Charles Brown, Gary Tallman, Elaine Ozimok Artists: John Severin, Sururi G, Bill Ward, Warren Sattler, Don Orehek, Bill Ward, Samuel Whitehead, Howard Nostrand Proof Reader: Rita Righta Janitor: Sylvester P. Smythe I’ve written about my […]

Hero Illustrated vol. 1, issue #21 – March 1995 (Warrior Publications Periodical)

TITLE: Hero Illustrated vol. 1, issue #21 YEAR: March 1995 COMPANY: Warrior Publications Periodical Editor: Frank Kurtz Senior Editor: Steve Darnall Publisher: Steve Harris If you saw my first post about the first issue of “Hero Illustrated”, I was quite positive. They were the magazine not like Wizard.  Distinguished themselves as a magazine that covers all publishers, not playing favorites and giving a quality magazine for comic book fans without […]

Mad Magazine vol. 1, Issue 72 – July 1962 (E.C. Publications, Inc.)

TITLE: Mad Magazine vol. 1, Issue 72 YEAR: July 1962 COMPANY: E.C. Publications, Inc. Publisher: William M. Gaines Editor: Albert B. Feldstein Art Director: John Putnam Production: Leonard Brenner Contributing Artists and Writers: The Usual Gang of Idiots In 1952, “Mad Magazine” was created by editor Harvey Kutzman and publisher William Gaines. Originally launched as a comic book, it would become a magazine and it was a satirical publication that […]

Animerica vol. 1, issue #0 – November 1992 (Viz Communications)

TITLE: Animerica vol. 1, issue #0 YEAR: November 1992 COMPANY: Viz Communications Publisher: Masahiro Oga  Executive Editor: Seiji Horibuchi  Managing Editor: Satoru Fujii   Editor: Trish Ledoux Art Director: Yoshiyuki Higuchi Contributing Writers: James D. Hudnall, Yoshitaka Ishigami, Chris Keller, Robert Napton, Takashi Oshiguchi, Rick Sternbach, Matt Thorn Contributing Translators: Takayuki Karahashi, Yoshiyuki Karahashi, Toshifumi Yoshida Since 1986, Viz has been providing Americans access to manga and anime. Jointly owned by […]

Amazing Heroes Issue #9 – March 1982 (Redbeard Inc.)

TITLE: Amazing Heroes Issue #9 YEAR: March 1982 COMPANY: Redbeard Inc. (an imprint of Fantagraphics Books) Editor: Kim Thompson Art Director: Peppy White Assistant Editor: J. Collier Writers: Dwight R. Decker, Jim Korkis, Rich Morrissey, Gene Reed, David Singer Before “Wizard: Guide to Comics Magazine” and “Hero Illustrated”, the only other major comic book magazine in the ’70s and ’80s was “The Comics Journal” (also published by Fantagraphics Books).  But […]

Wizard: The Guide to Comics – San Diego Comic Con 1992 Special Edition – 1992 (Wizard Press)

TITLE: Wizard: The Guide to Comics – San Diego Comic Con 1992 Special Edition YEAR: 1992 COMPANY: Wizard Press President/Publisher: Gareb S. Shamus Business Manager: Martin Schranz Art Director: Cindy Sutherland Production: Douglas Goldstein  Design: Eli-Har-Dof Editor: Patrick Daniel O’Neill Assistant Editor and Creative Director: Patrick McCallum Copy Editor: Daniel Schloss Writers: Craig Cornell, Brian Cunningham, Andy Mangels, PAtrick McCallum, Patrick Daniel O’Neill, Rob Samsel The first year of Wizard […]