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Comic Book Spotlight of the Day: Batman and Robin Issue #37 – February 2015 (DC Comics)

TITLE: Batman and Robin Issue #37 YEAR: February 2015 COMPANY: DC Comics Writer: Peter J. Tomasi Penciller: Patrick Gleason Inker: Mick Gray Colorist: John Kalisz Letterer: Carlos M. Mangual Asst. Edior: Dave Wielgosz Editor: Rachel Gluckstern When Damien Wayne was brutally slaughtered in “Batman Incorporated” issue #8, needless to say, Bruce Wayne has not been the same.  He’s been bitter, cold and now driven by the idea that he can […]

Comic Book Spotlight of the Day: The Venus Wars Issue #1 – April 1991 (Dark Horse Comics)

TITLE: The Venus Wars Issue #1 YEAR: April 1991 COMPANY: Dark Horse Comics Story and Art by Yoshikazu Yasuhiko Translation by Alan Gleason and Toren Smith Lettering and Touch-Up Art by Tom Orzechowski Editor-in-Chief: Katsunobu Suzuki Editor: Masashi Narita,  Chris Warner Originally Published in Comic Nora by Gakken From 1987 to 1990, “Venus Wars” by mangaka Yoshikazu Yasuhiko was serialized in Gakken Magazine’s “Nora Comics”. After serialization, the manga received […]

Comic Book Spotlight of the Day: Ghost & The Shadow – December 1995 (Dark Horse Comics)

TITLE: Ghost & The Shadow YEAR: December 1995 COMPANY: Dark Horse Comics Written by Doug Moench Art by H.M. Baker Inker: Bernard Kolle Letterer: Sean Konot Colorist: Chris Chalenor Designer: Teena Gores Editor: Robert V. Conte Assitant Editor: Jamie S. Rich Back in 1993, Elisa Cameron would make her appearance in the Dark Horse Comics imprint, Comics’ Greatest World (Week Three).  She would eventually receive a special issue titled “Ghost” […]

Comic Book Spotlight of the Day: Marvel Two-in-One vol. 1, issue #19 – September 1976 (Marvel Comics)

TITLE: Marvel Two-in-One vol. 1, issue #19 YEAR: September 1976 COMPANY: Marvel Comics Script: Bill Mantlo Art: Sal Buscema Inks: Don Heck Colors: Petra Goldberg Plot: Tony Isabella Editor: Archie Goodwin Back in 70s,  Marvel Comics tried to find ways to have female writers write and draw comics featuring female characters.  One of those characters was a superheroine known as “The Cat” and featured Greer Grant. Unfortunately, the Cat would […]

Comic Book Spotlight of the Day: Action Comics vol. 1, issue #583 – September 1986 (DC Comics)

TITLE: Superman vol. 1, issue #583 YEAR: September 1986 COMPANY: DC Comics Written By Alan Moore Art by Curt Swan & Kurt Schaffenberger Letterer: Todd Klein Colorist: Gene D’Angelo Editor: Julius Schwartz Back in 1986, there were major changes in store at DC Comics after the changes made in 1985 with “Crisis on Infinite Earths”. As the multiverse was lessened to one single shared universe, “Superman” would also receive a […]

Comic Book Spotlight of the Day: Green Lantern Green Arrow Issue #5 – February 1984 (DC Comics)

TITLE: Green Lantern Green Arrow Issue #5 YEAR: February 1984 COMPANY: DC Comics Written by Denny O’Neil Artists: Neal Adams Editor: Julius Schwartz In 1971, Denny O’Neil, Neal Adams and DC Comics shocked the country for issue #85 of “Green Arrow Green Lantern” (of “Green Lantern” vol. 2 but started to incorporate Green Arrow starting with issue #76 and thus the title change). The comic showcased Speedy, Green Arrow’s ward […]