Comic Book Spotlight of the Day: Adventure Comics Issue #322 – July 1964 (Superman-DC/National Comics)

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TITLE: Adventure Comics Issue #322

YEAR: July 1964

COMPANY: Superman-DC/National Comics

Written by Edmund Hamilton

Penciled by John Forte

Inked by Al Plastino and Sheldon Moldoff

Back in 1938, the first issue of “Adventure Comics” was created.  One of the longest running DC Comics titles, the series would be printed through 1983 and then revived once again in 2009 through 2011.

While originally a humor series, by issue #12, when it was known as “New Adventure Comics”, the series focused on a man named Jor-L, a science fiction detective of the far future and a man who would turn out to be the father of Superman.

In issue 247 (April 1958), Superboy would meet the Legion of Super-Heroes and due to the popularity of the futuristic superhero group, they would become the main feature of “Adventure Comics” and then would transition to Supergirl by issue #381.  By issue #425 (1972), the theme of “Adventure Comics” would go from superhero adventure to fantasy/supernatural adventures.

“Adventure Comics” issue #322 from July 1964 would focus on Chameleon Kid’s pet, the shapeshifting Proty II.

As Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes prepare to take on the Time Trapper, this will leave the Legion HQ unprotected.  So, Superboy comes up with an idea to let his pets protect the HQ and brings back Super-Horse, Streaky, Krypton and Super-Monkey.

And with Saturn Girl allowing the animals to communicate via telepathy, Proty II requests to join the Legion of Super-Pets.

But in order to join, he must complete missions that Super-Horse, Streaky, Krypto and Super-Monkey give him.

Will he pass and become a member of the Legion of Super-Pets?

The second story “Clark Kent, Class Cheat” is a reprint from “Superboy” issue #66 (1958) and is written by Otto Binder and penciled by George Papp.  In this story, people are cheating at Smallville High and Clark is deliberately flunking tests to expose the cheaters in school and who is supplying them with cheating devices.

And the last story is  a one page gag strip of “Little Pete” by Henry Boltinoff.

Personally, I actually enjoyed this issue because I haven’t read many stories featuring Superman’s pets and at one time, I actually had action figures with them (with the exception of Super-Horse).  And as for Proty or Proty II, the character/pet has been featured numerous times in “Legion of Super-Heroes” storylines.  So, it was a fun story.

The reprint story featuring Clark Kent was no doubt ’50s style comic book storytelling for a young crowd and a message of “cheating is bad”.

And you get the “Little Pete” one-pager to conclude the issue.


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