Comic Book Spotlight of the Day: Dr. Strange, Sorcerer Supreme vol. 1, issue #31 – July 1991 (Marvel Comics)

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TITLE: Dr. Strange, Sorcerer Supreme vol. 1, issue #31

YEAR: July 1991

COMPANY: Marvel Comics

Written by Roy & Dann Thomas

Guest Artist: Tony Dezuniga

Letterer: Rick Parker

Colorist: George Roussos

Editor: Mike Rockwitz

Editor-in-Chief: Tom DeFalco

Back in 1991, “The Infinity Gauntlet” surprised people as many heroes (and half the population) throughout the universe have went missing as Thanos was able to collect the Infinity Gems and followed the orders of Death, in order to achieve her goal to make sure the living doesn’t outnumber the number of deaths.

The issue showed the struggle that the Silver Surfer had went through to get his message across but once he reached Dr. Strange’s home, unfortunately it was too late.

While “The Infinity Gauntlet” became a popular six-issue mini-series and lead to other mini-series, many will no doubt be interested when the upcoming “Avengers: Infinity War” is released.

In this 31st of “Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme”, the story takes place not even a minute after issue #1 of “The Infinity Gauntlet”.

In order to find out what is wrong, Doctor Strange enters his mind.

He comes across a Silver Surfer that is feeling too emotionally guilty of the deaths of many around the universe.  Feeling guilty that he became a slave of Galactus.

Drowned in his own despair, Doctor Strange has no choice but to delve deeper into his mind and learn the truth of Norrin Rad and wanting to protect his planet of Zenn-La and his love for Shalla-Bal.

Seeing how the devourer of planets, Galactus had come to his planet and how he gave Norrin Radd part of his cosmic power in a trade of becoming Galactus’ salve in order to spare Zenn-La.

And Doctor Strange used a page, or more or less, Roy Thomas and his wife Dann, took a page from “The Christmas Carol” and to show the Silver Surfer about what if he didn’t become Silver Surfer, how there would have been more tragedy if he didn’t make that sacrifice.  Including the destruction of Earth caused by Galactus.

Humanity is alive because of him and to instill confidence in the Silver Surfer once again.

There is also a second story titled “A Gathering of Fear: Part One” featuring several of defeated enemies discussing how they were beaten by their enemies and Scarecrow giving his fellow demons a warning to stay away from Earth.

Overall, the story was a decent accompaniment to “The Infinity Gauntlet” issue #1 but overall, an entertaining but nothing stellar of a storyline that makes you want to read it again and again.  But worth it for those who want to know what happened to the Silver Surfer after the first issue of “The Infinity Gauntlet”.


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