Comics Book Spotlight of the Day: Gwenpool – Holiday Special: Merry Mix-up issue #1 – February 2017 (Marvel Comics)

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TITLE: Gwenpool – Holiday Special: Merry Mix-up issue #1

YEAR: February 2017

COMPANY: Marvel Comics

Written by Christopher Hastings, Ryan North, Karla Pacheco, Nick Kocher

Artist: Myisha Haynes, Nathan Stockman, Oscar Bazaldua, Bruno Oliveira

Colorist: Rachelle Rosenberg, Jim Campbell, Andres Mossa

Letterer: Clayton Cowles, Travis Lanham

Editor: Jordan D. White, Darren Shan, Kathleen Wisneski, Heather Antos

Back in 2015, an amalgam was created for the variant cover of “Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars” issue #2 featuring Gwen Stacy and Deadpool.

And Marvel would follow with Gwenpool for a backup story in “Howard the Duck” and a “Gwenpool Holiday Special”.

The character’s name is Gwen Poole (no relation to Gwen Stacy and Deadpool) and sure enough, the character would receive her own comic book series.

In her storyline, Gwenpool is a full-time mercenary and receiving jobs from her tailor, Ronnie.She also has vast knowledge thanks to a guide of the Marvel Universe, so she knows the secret identities of heroes and villains and often uses this knowledge to her advantage in many situations.  She has unknown power, never is injured and can heal quickly.  She’s great with weapons, great fighter and more!

In “Gwenpool – Holiday Special: Merry Mix-up”, the story is less about Gwenpool and more of a Marvel Universe that has been altered.

As she is with other heroes, she freaks out that Galactus is in New York City and worried he may destroy the planet, but everyone is shocked she would suggest such a thing because Galactus is Christmas.   In other words, what we would consider as Santa Claus, in this world, Galactus is Santa Claus.  He is Mr. Christmas.

And they all look at her as strange wondering if Galactus in her world brings presents to people?

And instead of Thanksgiving, they call it “Pantsgiving” and everyone gives each other holiday hot pants because it was hot during one day and people gave each other hot pants.

Halloween is know as Night of Skrulls where people participate in destroying pinatas to find the secret chocolate skrulls and another holiday is “Feast of Fish” when the Sum-Mariner delivered fish from the sea to feed the poor and hungry and so people eat fish in Late December.  And so, the popular song by Wham, “Last Christmas” was dedicated to the “Feast of Fish”.

And for Gwenpool, she finds it very weird.

So, the rest of the comic book shows us examples of these holidays.

Spider-Man Miles Morales taking on Fin Fang Foom, Red Skull, MODOK and Thanos during Christmas but who would come during Christmas to help Spider-Man, Galactus.

Fin Fang Foom would also be another antagonist during Pantsgiving.  The Punisher who is a big believer in Pantsgiving sees Fin Fang Foom causing damage and is upset that Fin Fang Foom is trying to stop Pantsgiving.

Meanwhile, on Christmas, Red Skull is back and is excited to say “Hail Hydra” but because Hydra teamed up with other evil organizations on Christmas, to be politically correct they are saying “Hail Hatred” which rubs Red Skull the wrong way.

Why have the holidays changed in this universe?  Gwenpool intends to find out.

And that is your Christmas special, several odd, hilarious and fun stories.    I don’t really know much about the character but I did pick up a few issues during the Halloween sale not long ago, but it seems that the storyline is along the same vibe of “The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl” comic book series, a lot of gags, action but not sure if she’s included in the actual Marvel universe or she’s stranded in some alternate Marvel universe.  But for what it’s worth, this holiday special was fun.


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