Comic Book Spotlight of the Day: Giant-Size Fantastic Four Issue #6 – October 1975 (Marvel Comics)

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TITLE: Giant-Size Fantastic Four Issue #6

YEAR: October 1975

COMPANY: Marvel Comics

Written By Stan Lee

Art by Jack Kirby

Embellished by Joe Sinnott

Lettered by Sam Rosen

When Jack Kirby left Marvel Comics back in 1970, it was no surprise considering the dissatisfaction Kirby would have towards Marvel due to the lack of full creative control, unfulfilled promises, no credit for his story plotting or character creations and co-creations and also contract disagreements.

Kirby left for DC and the Fourth World was born.  “New Gods”, “Mister Miracle” and “The Forever People” and he also worked on “Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen” and many more series.

And while his contract with DC would last through 1975, at Marvelcon ’75, Stan Lee shocked everyone with the announcement that Kirby was back with Marvel and hew would be writing and drawing “Captain America” and many other projects.

And the Soapbox announcement by Stan Lee with excitement of Jack Kirby returning.

With “Giant-Size Fantastic Four” issue #6 (a reprint of Annual #6, which I do own), the reason why I selected this issue for the Comic Book Spotlight of the Day was primarily seeing how far Marvel Comics go to re-introduced new readers to the works of Lee/Kirby and “Fantastic Four” was no doubt a title that made an impact in the late ’60 and was no doubt one of the shining achievements by both men.

The story reprints the birth of Franklin but things aren’t going to go that easy as Sue and the baby are not doing so well and it’s because of the cosmic radiation the Fantastic Four was in contact with and it’s in her blood.  And its threatening the pregnancy and Sue giving birth.

The only way to stop those cosmic rays is anti-matter and that is only found in the Negative Zone.

Unfortunately, the Negative Zone is where the evil dictator, Annihilus is in control of and rules with an iron fist, often using the power in a cannister affixed to his chest to give him ultimate power.

And Reed, Ben and Johnny must go to the Negative zone to take that canister and use it to save Sue and the baby.

But it won’t be easy as Annihilus is super poewrful and has high tech creations that are literally planet killers.  To make things worse, if the members of the Fantastic Four even meet with one from the Negative Zone, it would lead to a deadly chain reaction that can destroy an entire world.

This Giant-Size is no doubt an exciting storyline with many pages, longer storyline and also features  a “Fantastic Four” Q&A, the mentioned Stan Lee Soapbox announcing Jack Kirby’s return but also an add promoting Marvel Comic Con 1975.


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