Comic Book Spotlight of the Day: Jean Grey Issue #2 – July 2017 (Marvel Comics)

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TITLE: Jean Grey issue #2

RELEASE: July 2017

COMPANY: Marvel Comics

Writer: Dennis Hopeless

Artist: Victor Ibanez

Colorists: Jay David Ramos & Chris Sotomayor

Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramagna

I have not kept up to date of what has happened in any of the X-Men books since stopping back in 1996 or so.

The last thing I remember was that Cyclops and Jean Grey were happily married and things were going oh so well…

Well, obviously it’s not the case as Jean Grey is dead.  Cyclops went evil and also had a sexual relationship with the White Queen and I heard that the X-Men of the ’60s, somehow got transported to present-time in the Marvel Universe.

Yes, I said “WTF!”, but because I haven’t read the comics, I can’t necessarily say if everything was good or bad.  I don’t know.

But what I do know is that I saw that Jean Grey had her own comic book series and I was confused because I thought she was dead.

It appears the comic book features the young Jean Grey from the ’60s, now in present time and finding out how her older self was consumed by the Phoenix.

And with Marvel Legacy in full force and it’s been hyped that Jean Grey would be returning, it didn’t surprise me at the end of the first issue that Jean Grey is scared that the Phoenix is back and now coming after her.

For issue #2, Jean Grey has since gone to the X-Men and even Carol Danvers and no one really believes that Phoenix is coming back and for the Beast, he tells her there is no empirical evidence to support her claim that the Phoenix is back.

When Phoenix uses Cerebro and sees Cable’s child, Hope in trouble.

Immediately she heads to Arizona and rescues Hope from the Lundy.  Meanwhile, both are attacked by the Reavers and underneath them happens to be a Reaver Hive.

Fortunately, the two get some help with a few friends, such as Majik and her brother Colossus.

But when Jean expresses her fear that she is scared that the Phoenix is going to mess her up, like it messed her older self up.

But is Jean Grey being paranoid? (Of course, she’s not…Marvel has been hyping up the return of the Phoenix.)

Anyway, I like the artwork and love seeing the spunk with this younger Jean Grey from the past but I’m curious…how long are these X-Men going to be stuck in the current timeline and will they ever get back to their original timestream?


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