Comic Book Spotlight of the Day: X-Men Legacy vol. 2, issue #1 – January 2013 (Marvel Comics)

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TITLE: X-Men Legacy vol. 2, Issue #1

YEAR: January 2013

COMPANY: Marvel Comics

Writer: Simon Spurrier

Penciler: Tan Eng Huat

Inker: Craig Yeung

Colorist: Jose Villarrubia

Letterer: VC’s Cory Petit

Assistant Editor: Jennifer M. Smith

Editor: Daniel Ketchum

In 2012, Marvel Comics relaunched several comic books as part of their new comic branding known as “Marvel NOW!”.

This relaunch would feature in-universe changes, new character designs and new storylines and would last through 2015.  The goal was to create a seasonal model similar to what people see on popular cable television shows.

And in 2012-2014, one of the new series created was “X-Men Legacy” which revolved around Legion (David Haller), the son of Professor X.  And would continue from “New X-Men” (which was originally “X-Men” vol. 2).  So, the series went from issue #207 to issues #208 with the first volume of “X-Men: Legacy” which revolved around Rogue as the primary character.

But by issue #276 (issue #1 of “X-Men: Legacy” vol. 2), the series would be taken on by writer Simon Spurrier and artwork by Tan Eng Huat.  Where Legion, living life after his father, Professor X was murdered and trying to keep all the multiple personalities under control while honoring his father’s legacy.

The series would end with issue #24 to setup issue “X-Men” issue #300.

I’m going to be perfectly honest…unlike the Legion that we saw in “The New Mutants”, this changed version of Legion try to keep himself in control in the second volume of “X-Men: Legacy” was ok.  It’s just that it’s a character that I’m not use to seeing all that much.

David Haller is trying to be a good man like his father and trying to take on enemies to mutantkind before they strike.  In the beginning, he hangs out with a religious cult that claim they can cure mutants. But something triggers David and sure enough, what looked like a dream of Legion massacring everyone, he wakes up to find that he has accidentally and unknowingly massacred everyone in the cult.

The leader gives him one message that he should try to believe he is a good kid and when the X-Men comes, to meet them as a friend.  But Legion knows that he’s losing control.

And wasn’t this the case of Legion to begin with…a mutant with multiple personalities, dealing with so much anger and confusion.  Does it ever get any better for Legion?  Does he ever find any resolve?

Find out by the end of the series but “X-Men: Legacy” (vol. 2) is a series that is more of a journey revolving the character Legion and seeing how he’ll eventually reach the full extent of his powers and make a major decision with a major impact.


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