Comic Book Spotlight of the Day: Web of Spider-Man vol. 1, issue #2 – April 1985 (Marvel Comics)

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TITLE: Web of Spider-Man vol. 1, issue #2

YEAR: April 1985

COMPANY: Marvel Comics

Writer: Louise Simonson

Penciler: Greg LaRocque

Inker: Jim Mooney

Letterer: Phil Felix

Colorist: Dr. Martin

Editor: Jim Owsley

Editor-in-Chief: Jim Shooter

Peter Parker was able to rid himself of the black alien symboiote costume thanks to finding a bell and the alien symbiote gave Parker what he wanted, even going as far to save him.

As for the Vulturions, they are back.  Having seen how a pre-0ccupied Spider-Man was able to beat them, they need an edge and so Honcho has each of this teammates carry a blow gun .  A blue dart is deadly and the only cure is an antidote.

Now the Vulturions want to use the dart during a robbery but most of all, use it on Spider-Man.

The issue features Peter wanting to make peace with his Aunt May by buying the hat she saw at the store (when Mary Jane was with her) and also to be there for his godson.

As the Vulturions practice with their yellow darts to rob an armored car, Honcho wants to offer their services to the Kingpin by defeating Spider-Man in front of his skyscraper.

As Spider-Man is heading home, he is unable to sneak into his apartment because the three young women (that moved to the apartment complex) are hanging out at the rooftop.  While Peter knows he can change his outfit, a member of the Vultirons spot him and immediately the go on with their attack on Spider-Man, shooting a dart at him.  With the dart starting to affect him during battle, Peter does all he can to hold a package for his Aunt May (which contains the hat).

Meanwhile, back at Aunt May’s home, she is having to deal with her financial woes and tells Nate that she does not want Peter to know of her problems.

As Kingpin watches Spider-Man fight against the Vulturions, he realizes that throughout their battle, he is more pre-occupied with the hat than his four enemies.  And during this battle, it’s starting to agitate Kingpin’s wife, Vanessa Fisk.

Can Spider-Man defeat the Vulturions, see his godson and also give Aunt May the hat that she wanted?

Overall, this story is fascinating because it features the Vulturions, the unstable Vanessa Fisk, the problems surrounding Peter’s aunt and even Mary Jane worrying about Peter.

While people can read more about Vanessa Fisk’s issues in the pages of “Daredevil”, the Vulturions would still be relevant many years later as they return in the first issue of “Civil War II: Amazing Spider-Man” #1.

But if anything, it’s a rare thing to see Kingpin actually wanting to help Spider-Man in this latest issue, especially with his final gesture at the end of the story.


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