Comic Book Spotlight of the Day: Green Lantern Issue #49 – February 1994 (DC Comics)

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TITLE: Green Lantern Issue #49

YEAR: February 1994


Writer: Ron Marz

Penciler: Fred Haynes

Inker: Romeo Tanghal & Dennis Cramer

Colorist: Steve Mattsson

Letterer: Albert Deguzman

Editor: Kevin Dooley

I wrote about the changes that Green Lantern had gone through with the destruction of Coast City due to Mongol.

And how 1994 would set the path of Hal Jordan to go from hero to antagonist.

And if longtime Green Lantern fans were pissed off about Hal Jordan becoming deranged, the bigger surprise was that this was not going to be a quick transition (compared to Marvel Comics and how they made Thor go through a twisted moment that lasted for several issues).  In fact, Hal Jordan as an antagonist would last for many years and Kyle Rayner would be the new hero and a major character that would become important in the DC Universe for many years to come.

With issue #49, Hal Jordan who lost his city, loved one and his friends started to think, what if he could use his Green Lantern powers to bring this back.

And he feels that if he had to do this, he will need more power and to get more power, that means taking on all his fellow Green Lanterns and stealing their rings.

First taking on the huge Ke’Haan of Varvi and Laira of Jayd, Tomar Tu, Jack T. Chance, Kreon of Tebis, Hannu of Ovacron Six, Graf Toren of Karax, Boodikka, and Kilowog.

What was surprising is the brutality that Hal Jordan would go through in order to take their rings.

But even more surprising, who the guardians turn to in order to take on Hal Jordan.

Overall, an awesome story and second part to the Emerald Twilight arc written by Ron Marz and art from Fred Haynes.

“Green Lantern” issue #49 is no doubt a shocking issue back then but what would lead into an even more surprising issue #50, which I will blog about soon.


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