Comic Book Spotlight of the Day: Moon Knight vol. 1, issue #1 – November 1980 (Marvel Comics)

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TITLE: Moon Knight vol. 1, issue #1

YEAR: November 1980

COMPANY: Marvel Comics

Written by Doug Moench

Artist: Bill Sienkiewicz

Inker: Bill & Franki S.

Colored by B. Sharen

Lettered by T. Orzechowski

Editor: Denny O’Neil

Supervisor: Jim Shooter

Back in the ’70s, Doug Moench was a writer who’s name would be featured in various comic book titles.  And in 1975, Moench and artist Don Perlin would introduce Moon Knight in “Werewolf by Night” issue #32.

Moench would continue with Marvel through the early ’80s working on “Moon Knight” and would eventually leave Marvel to work for DC Comics and write for “Batman” and “Detective Comics”.

The story begins in Sudan a mercenary commando squad led by the skull-faced terrorist-for-hire, Bushman and his second-in-command, Marc Spector lead a team to raid and massacre innocents.

While Spector is against murdering innocents, Bushman feels it’s part of their profession, to be ruthless.

Bushman then wants to respond to a rumor than an American archeologist has found a tomb and when there is a tomb, there is gold and Bushman wants it, so he can conqueror the entire Sudan.

In the village of Selima, an archaeologist and his daughter hear explosions and know that Bushman is after the artifacts and will probably melt them for gold.

As the archaeologist tries to sneak up and kill the Bushman, Marc prevents it from happening and Bushman murders the man.

As Marc goes to check on the archaeologist’s quarters, he spots the archaeologist’s daughter and helps her escape. The daughter thinking that Marc is the one who killed her father.

Bushman sees it and is upset at Marc and when Bushman gives his men the order to slaughter all male villagers, Marc tries to stop Bushman and he is beaten by Bushman and Marc is taken and left in the desert for dead.

Walking for many hours through the deadly desert, Marc collapses and is discovered by men who bring him to a tomb of Pharaoh Seti, where the archaeologist’s daughter happens to be.  And as the Pharaoh Seti statue stands above him, a flicker of light comes off it and lands on top of Marc Spector.

And is given a second chance at life.  When he takes the robe off the statue of Khonshu, the Taker of Vengeance, he leaves to go back to the village and get his revenge on Bushman.  While, Marlene, the daughter of the archaeologist follows him.  But as Marc is about to get his revenge, he is distracted by Marlene and Bushman escapes.

Overtime, Marc Spector develops different identities.  Marc Spector, the wealthy millionaire Steven Grant and the cabbie named Jake Lockley.  And with help from Marlene and his good friend Frenchy, they are Moon Knight.

And using his wealth to create special weaponry and vehicles, Moon Knight will do all he can to get his revenge on Bushman.

Overall, the first issue of “Moon Knight” was fantastic!  I love Doug Moench’s writing, may it be for “Batman” or “Moon Knight”, his writing has been on target and has given both characters new life when he came on to write for the series.

But so far, my favorite years of “Moon Knight” has been the first volume featuring Moench’s run with the series.  And together with artist Bill Sienkiewicz, they made a magnificent team!

If you have a chance to read old “Moon Knight” back issues, definitely give the first volume a chance!


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