Comic Book Spotlight of the Day: Action Comics vol. 1, issue #584 – January 1987 (DC Comics)

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TITLE: Action Comics vol. 1, issue #584

YEAR: January 1987


Writer: John Byrne

Embellisher: Dick Giordano

Colorist: Tom Ziuko

Letterer: John Costanza

Editor: Andrew Helfer

Created by Jerry Siegel & Joe Schuster

After DC’s restructuring of DC Comics history after “Crisis on Infinite Earths”, Writer/artist John Byrne was hired to revamp Superman.

You either loved or hated what Byrne did with Superman in the ’80s, taking the character back to basics, reducing his powers, eliminating the Fortress of Solitude and his dog Krypto, having Jonathen and Martha Kent alive during Clark’s adulthood and changing Lex Luthor to a wealthy business owner.  Also, eliminating Superboy and a few other changes.

And for this new revamp of Superman, John Byrne would take over “Superman” vol. 2 and “Action Comics” (1986-1988).

With issue #584, this would feature John Byrne as writer and Dick Giordano as embellisher.  The story begins with people on the streets of Metropolis and “Skyline” TV host Carol Samuels reporting from about the crowds.  As everyone looks up, everyone is in fear as Superman is destroying high-rise buildings.

With building debris falling towards the crowd, Teen Titans member Cyborg comes and saves everyone just in time.

As Cyborg goes to confront Superman, he notices him talking differently and goes to fight him.  Superman tears Cyborg’s robotic arm off and his right leg.  Superman throws Cyborg off the building,  and while Cyborg was quick to prevent an early death, he was able to contact Teen Titans HQ and Changeling and Wonder Girl immediately head to Superman’s location.  As the two fight Superman, Jericho hears the attack on the radio and goes to help his teammates.  Superman easily defeats Changeling and Wonder Girl, but when Jericho arrives, he is able to control Superman temporarily.

Meanwhile, a disabled man shows up and tells them that he is Superman.

No one believes the crippled man at first but when they take him to his home, Superman explains how his body was switched with the body of the crippled man.

Will they find a way to bring Superman’s body back to the way it was and end the swap?

Overall, a satisfying story as you get Superman and the Teen Titans in the same comic book issue and an action-packed storyline!


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