Comic Book Spotlight of the Day: Web of Spider-Man vol. 1, issue #1 – April 1985 (Marvel Comics)

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TITLE: Web of Spider-Man vol. 1, issue #1

YEAR: April 1985

COMPANY: Marvel Comics

Writer: Louise Simonson

Penciler: Greg LaRocque

Inker: Jim Mooney

Letterer: Janice Chang

Colorist: George Roussos

Editor: Danny Fingeroth & Jim Owsley

Editor-in-Chief: Jim Shooter

Many long time readers were in shock when Marvel announced they were going to end the first volume at issue #150 and in its place, to give Spider-Man his third comic book series (after Amazing and Spectacular) titled “Web of Spider-Man”.

The series would last for 129 issues from 1985 to 1994 as it would change to “Web of Scarlet Spider” which was a four issue series that would last from 1995-1996 and then would pave the way for “The Sensational Spider-Man” and in 2009-2010, “Web of Spider-Man”, a 12-issue series vol. 2 were released.

The first issue takes place after the Secret Wars and after Reed Richards found out that Spider-Man’s costume is actually an alien symbiote and he needed to get rid of it or else it would take control of him.  Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four had to use a sonic gun to rid of the uniform but thinking that the alien symbiote was still in the Baxter Building, Peter Parker is unaware that it returned back to his home.

While trying to get his costume, Peter is becoming paranoid after breaking up with Black Cat and also disturbed by the young ladies living in the room a floor above and making a ruckus.

While grabbing his uniform from the closet, the symbiote manages to turn itself into Peter’s normal costume and immediately after putting it on, it starts to cover his body.

Meanwhile, we are introduced to cold thugs who rob the weak and elderly.  The thugs are part of a group led by Honcho.  An engineer and another cellmate of Adrian Toomes (the original Vulture) who learned about the designs of the vulture harness and recreates it.  He oufits the thugs, Gripes, Pidgeon and Sugar Face and all four of them using the vulture technology become the Vulturions.

Meanwhile, Peter tries desperately to get the costume off him but the alien symbiote is not cooperating.

As Peter tries to find a way to get the alien symbiote costume off him, Mary Jane Watson spots Aunt May at the shopping mall and learns that she and Peter had an argument, because Peter quit graduate school to focus on his career as a photographer for the Daily Bugle.  May shares with Mary Jane that she is having financial difficulties and was hoping Peter would become a scientist, so he can be financially well.

As Spider-Man is trying to get to the Baxter Building for help, he is spotted by one of the members of the Vulturions and he tries to capture Spider-Man and bring him back to the other three.

Immediately, a fight takes place and the Vulturions are wondering why Spider-Man thinks they are aliens and why he is acting strange.

As Spider-Man fights with the alien symbiote for control, he is also busy fighting the Vulturions but can he find a way to have that costume removed before the alien symbiote consumes him?

With this first issue of “Web of Spider-Man”, its literally the pre-cursor to Venom.  And while the first appearance of Venom is “The Amazing Spider-Man” issue #300, the first teaser of Venom actually is back in “Web of Spider-Man” issue #18, which would be the first appearance of Eddie Brock (the man who would later become Venom) and with this first issue, its importance is that Peter learns that his spider-sense does not work with the alien symbiote and it was hist first of separating himself from it.

Overall, a solid story from Louise Simonson and artist Greg LaRocque.


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