Comic Book Spotlight of the Day: The Mighty Thor Issue #23 – September 2017 (Marvel Comics)

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TITLE: The Mighty Thor Issue #23

YEAR: September 2017

COMPANY: Marvel Comics

Written by Jason Aaron

Artist: Valerio Schiti

Color Artist: Rain Beredo

Letterer: VC’s Joe Sabino

Editor: Wil Moss

As a long-time reader of “Thor” comics, I had to read back issues to find out how Jane Foster became the new Thor.  And reading how she was diagnosed with breast cancer and is dying from cancer and now Marvel Comics is promoting stories that would lead to the death of Thor and I’m guessing as part of Legacy, Thor Odinson will be back.

Personally, when I heard about a new Thor and that it was Jane Foster, I rolled my eyes and said to myself, “I’m glad I’m not reading comic books anymore” but since I got back to reading comic books and  reading how Jane Foster became the new Thor, she brought a new element and excitement to Thor that I really enjoyed.

Heck, she has been able to do things with Thor’s hammer, Mjolinr, that even Thor Odinson and other Thors have not been able to do with the hammer.  And love her approach to battle and also having to deal with being a hero but also dealing with cancer.

In issue #23, which is the final issue before the Legacy renumbering which continues in issue #700, Volstagg has found Ultimate Thor’s hammer and became War Thor.  This is interesting because War Thor’s hammer/axe is full of rage after seeing the death of its world.  And with Volstagg seeing many innocents being killed by Muspelheim Soldiers, the kindhearted Volstagg the Valiant became a man full of rage.  Full of power and and worried that his blind rage will lead him to trouble, Thor goes against him in battle.

An interesting battle, especially when you see Jane as Thor, picking up Ultimate Thor’s hammer/axe and showing that she is also worthy of it but of course, she is not so keen in having War Thor’s hammer because it’s too full of rage.

And as Thor and War Thor fight in battle, Agent Solomon transports Thor Odinson to the battle and he reveals to Thor of War Thor’s true identity.  Knowing that, how will Thor end this battle between the two of them?

Meanwhile, a new war is to begin.

Overall, I know that things are going to change with the Thor series and we know Jane is dying of cancer.  But I have a hard time believing that Marvel Comics would end her character off considering that female Thor has become so popular and this was a more of a better storytelling featuring a new Thor compared to the ’90s with Eric Masterson/Thunderstrike.

Whether she is brought to the afterlife by Odin or whatever Marvel Comics finds a way to bring their characters back from the dead, I just hope that from here on in, they give a proper sendoff to one of the coolest Thor’s that I’ve read but also one of the bravest Marvel Comics female characters to be showcased in her own comic book in a long time.  No disrespect to Marvel Comics other comic book series with wonderful female superheroes but Jane Foster’s Thor is no doubt one of the coolest Thor characters I have read in a long time.


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