Comic Book Spotlight of the Day: Savage Dragon Issue #155 – December 2009 (Image Comics)

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TITLE: Savage Dragon Issue #155

YEAR: December 2009

COMPANY: Image Comics

Writer/Artwork: Erik Larsen

Letterer: Tom Orzechowski

Colors: Steve Oliff

From the first issue of the “Savage Dragon” mini-series, we learned that Savage Dragon was found on Earth with no memories and was given a chance to be a hero.

In issue #155, we learn that Darklord wanted Dragon to go to Earth in hopes to transfer Darkworld for Earth, one planet would live, while the other would die.

The transfer was halted and Darkworld was destroyed and Darklord perished.

As Dragon tried to plead to authorities that he is not a villain and he was unfairly punished, the police know that they need to display his heroics in order to change the public’s perception of him.

Meanwhile, the prison is under attack by robots and in midst of chaos, Dragon punches the robots and destroys them and is released in prison.

We then see not long after, Dragon fighting Cutthroat and Glowbug, given Savage Dragon’s blood and became part of the Vicious Circle’s Dragon Army.

Meanwhile, Malcom and Angel try to find out if their father is still alive?  Seeing an evil Dragon with part of his brain gone.  As for Cutthroat and Glowbug, unfortunately they aren’t able to get the shots to prevent them from blowing up.   So, what will happen to these two without an injection of the serum?

Meanwhile, the PD hires Daredevil to follow Dragon and to make sure he’s not getting any worse and is staying within the law.

For the most part, this issue was shocking as it features the death of Cutthroat and Glowbug.  While not my favorite villains in the “Savage Dragon” series, they were the first to fight against Dragon in issue #1 of the mini-series.  So, it’s surprise t read how their demise hapepned.

This 155th issue also features a two-page letter page and chapter 10 of Carlson and Fosco’s “Ethrian”.

And if you are a “Savage Dragon” fan, this issue is definitely worth reading!


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