Comic Book Spotlight of the Day: The Flash vol. 31, Issue #275 – July 1979 (DC Comics)

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TITLE: The Flash vol. 31, Issue #275

YEAR: July 1979


Writer: Cary Bates

Artist: Alex Saviuk

Inker: Frank Chiaramonte

Colorist: Gene D’Angelo

Letterer: T. Klein

Editor: Ross Andru

In the late ’70s and with a new creative direction had taken place prior as longtime Flash artist Irv Novick, stepped away from drawing “The Flash” after the arrival of new editor Ross Andru, needless to say, no one knew what direction the comic book series would be going.

But there was no doubt major shaking going around DC Comics and the company has been hyping of a major death in the 275th issue of “The Flash”.

Of course, no one knew how to make of it because the cover features The Sandman shooting Bizarro but it was an issue that would get people talking.  Who would die?

The issue begins with Iris Allen worried of what is keeping Barry away from home.  Is it his activities as The Flash or is he with another woman?

Iris doesn’t know that the psychotic Clive Yorkin is peeping behind the windows watching her, as he wants his revenge to kill the police scientist, Barry Allen.  Whom he blames for making him to what he is today.

So jealous that she put a tracking receiver in his costume ring (how would she acquire this piece of technology?  Hmm…), but as for Barry, for some reason, some mysterious woman with telekinetic powers is forcing Barry Allen to visit her hotel room and this prompts the woman to have him reveal himself to her.

When she sees Barry Allen’s face and was hoping to see someone ugly, she is shocked to see him being ordinary and she takes off.  Of course, who is there to see her leaving the hotel room…Iris Allen.  She is extremely jealous that she drives off and in a state of panic, she crashes into a big rig.

But before the big rig explodes, she and the other truck’s occupants are rescued by the Flash and Barry tells her the truth.

Feeling terrible she doubted her husband, she tells him that she wants to have a family with him and wants to have a child and Barry agrees.

The two remember they have a masquerade party  to go to and as Iris is going to be Batwoman, because Barry didn’t get a costume, she convinces him to use his Flash costume and Clive who is watching through the windows, finds out that his enemy, Barry Allen is the Flash.

Surprisingly, police detective Frank who is also going to the costume party is wearing a Flash uniform as well and the three head off to the masquerade party.  Not knowing that Clive has hitched a ride inside Frank’s trunk.

And as the two are having fun, Clive attacks the Flash and is disheartened to find out the man he attacked is Frank and not Barry Allen.

Meanwhile, the two get a drink and the Flash starts to feel woozy and about to collapse.  As Iris goes to get him a drink, she hears Iris scream for help and as he goes to check on her, barely able to stand and walk, he sees Clive York standing over her collapsed body.

As Clive crashes on the window jumps out the window, Barry goes to check on Iris, but he is too weak and with Iris in his arms, he collapses.  As partygoers who heard the window crash goes to check on them, Frank runs in and one of the partygoers tells Frank that one needs an ambulance, but the other has died.

It was no doubt a shocking issue that sets things in motion for the next 12 issues for 1979-1980.

But issue #275 of “The Flash” was a shocker, but while #275 was shocking, it’s issue #276 that was truly shocking.  And if anyone gets to read issues #275-284, definitely do it!  It’s worth reading!


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