Comic Book Spotlight of the Day: Savage Dragon Issue #152 – September 2009 (Image Comics)

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TITLE: Savage Dragon Issue #152

YEAR: September 2009

COMPANY: Image Comics

Writer/Artwork: Erik Larsen

Letterer: Tom Orzechowski

Colors: Nikos Koutsis

Flats: Mike Toris

We have seen the Savage Dragon die a few times and be mourned by family and friends.

With issue #52, Paul Dragon has died and his family and friends mourn him.  While his teenage son Malcolm believes he is still alive.

Meanwhile, a dragon with fangs and torn up fins attacks the Vicious Circle and literally slaughters many of them while repeating the words, “Rachel Needs Braces”.

And now this new deadly dragon seeks to destroy Overlord.

As Malcolm and Angel go to visit Ann Stevens in hopes to get access to Paul Dragon’s blood, it seems that others are also after his blood an a major fight ensues in the hospital.

The issue is a quick action-packed read as we see large panels of this wicked Dragon battling the Vicious Circle and Malcolm and Angel trying to keep positive and believe Paul Dragon is still alive.

The issue also has a two-page letters page and chapter 8 of “Ethrian” by Carlson and Fosco.

If anything, the issue is full of action but getting ready for the “Dragon War” story arc.


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