Comic Book Spotlight of the Day: Civil War II: The Fallen Issue #1 – October 2016 (Marvel Comics)

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TITLE: Civil War II: The Fallen Issue #1

YEAR: October 2016

COMPANY: Marvel Comics

Writer: Greg Pak

Penciller: Mark Bagley

Inkers: Scott Hanna & Marc Deering

Colorists: Ian Herring & Rob Schwager

Letterer: VC’s Clayton Cowles

Assistant Editor: Chris Robinson

Editors: Katie Cubert

Editor-in-Chief: Axel Alonso

After the shocking death of Bruce Banner (the Hulk) by the arrow of Clint Barton (Hawkeye).  Clint was acquitted, heroes have come together to mourn the death of Bruce Banner but a few are angered of how it happened.

Just a recap of “Civil War II”:

An Inhuman named Ulysses has a special gift of predicting the future and Ms. Marvel has utilized this Inhuman and has heroes act on his visions before any harm could be done, believing his vision to be truthful and real, if it happens.  So, they act now before it happens.  In the process, the heroes ambush Thanos, She-Hulk is left in a coma, Jim Rhodes (War Machine) was killed in battle and now, Ulysses prediction was that Bruce Banner will lose control by experimentation on himself and will become the Hulk once again.  And thus Hawkeye kills Bruce Banner with an arrow to his heart.

While Ms. Marvel defends her choice, it has put Tony Stark against Ms. Marvel.  And now, it’s pitting heroes against each other, some who believe Ms. Marvel is doing the right thing, others who agree with Tony that he is right.

As people show their hatred towards the Hulk outside the cemetery, to the surprise of some people, only a few heroes have turned out to the funeral of Bruce Banner.

As friends say their goodbye to Bruce, as Bruce’s ex-wife Betty Brant is about to give her words, protestors cursing the Hulk and hoping he rots in Hell are heard loudly.

Rick Jones, Bruce’s best friend, is upset about the protestors and upset how many heroes didn’t show up and he saw Bruce as a hero.  A bottle is then thrown at Rick, striking him in his head during his eulogy, angering him.  The Silver Surfer uses his Power Cosmic bringing calm to the protestors, who then disperse away from the cemetery.

And the others start to wonder what about the other Hulks, Skaar (son of Hulk), Red Hulk, Amadeus Cho (the new Hulk).  And as Bruce’s friends mourn, Matt Murdock presents the will for the people that Bruce cared about.

But the death has hit Rick and Betty really hard…and now they want revenge.  Will they get it?

Another wonderful and captivating storyline after the death of Bruce Banner in “Civil War” issue #3.  The funeral of Bruce Banner was quite interesting as we see how heroes are not the only people divided.  And there are people who are glad that Bruce Banner was killed.

A wonderful storyline by Greg Pak and cool art by Mark Bagley and a lot of creative talent working on this book alone, one again, I’m really enjoying the “Civil War II” storyline and makes me want to find and purchase the back issues!


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