Comic Book Spotlight of the Day: Batman Versus Predator vol. 1, Issue #1 – 1991 (DC Comics/Marvel Comics)

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TITLE: Batman Versus Predator vol. 1, Issue #1

YEAR: 1991

COMPANY: DC Comics/Marvel Comics

Writer: Dave Gibbons

Penciller: Andy Kubert

Inker & Letterer: Andy Kubert

Color Artist: Sherilyn Van Valkenburgh

Cover Artist: Arthur Suydam

Editor: Diana Schutz/Denny O’Neil

Batman is created by Bob Kane

Comic book collaborations between two different companies have been ongoing for years and in the ’70s and ’80s, many people loved the Marvel and DC collaborations, whether it was Superman/Spider-Man, Batman/Hulk, Teen Titans/X-Men.

And in the ’90s, we started to see more collaborations between Marvel and DC with indie comic book publishers and one of the most memorable comic collaborations that I have read was the first volume of “Batman Versus Predator”.

You have DC Comics popular superhero Batman and you have the alien Predator from the popular 1987 science-fiction action horror film about an alien species that stalks and hunts after their prey.

And while Batman would face off against the Predator a few times, my favorite has to be the first three-issue series.

The first issue begins with a boxing match in Gotham between two athletes, meanwhile at some junk yard in Gotham, an older man and his dog are watching the boxing match on TV in their trailer and immediately the dog becomes spooked out.

As the old man leaves the dog outside, inside he hears his dog yelping and when he goes out to see what’s wrong, he sees his dog bludgeoned.  The man is then killed. The killer happens to be a Predator and he sees on the television about the boxing champion and the boxing champion talks about looking forward to staying at a hotel.

As we see the boxing champ and his wife laying down in their hotel room, blood starts dripping on them and the Predator crashes down from their roof and the boxing champ is slaughtered.  His head and spinal column ripped out and his hands cut off.

As Batman goes to investigate, at first he is thinking that the killer maybe related to the opposition that the boxing champ was fighting earlier and he is unaware that the Predator is cloaked and watching him from above.

Meanwhile, the Predator has come back and slaughtered more people and as the police is investigating the bloody crime scene, Batman goes to follow some leads, not knowing that the Predator is stalking him.

And through Batman’s wonderful investigative skills, it leads him to deduce that magnetized scrapes of metal originated from a junk yard which leads Batman to investigate.

He hears a TV playing loudly inside a trailer and when he goes to look, he sees the dead man and dead dog hanging from the ceiling.  But while inside the trailer, the Predator has arrived, leading to the first battle between Batman versus Predator.

And what a wonderful way to kick things off…and you have to read how things culminate to the final issue!

This was a storyline that I love so much.  The first versions I owned were the newsprint version, followed by the trade paperback (Batman Versus Predator: The Collected Edition) of the first volume, then I got the other series and then I got the prestige format version of the first series.  And I ended up selling my collection to a family member and purchasing the recent 2017 release (DC Comics/Dark Horse Comics Crossovers: Batman Vs. Predator) collect all three series.

Having had this TPB made me want town the original first series again and so, this time around, I purchased the 1991 prestige format version.  So, yes…I enjoyed this story thoroughly and definitely recommend reading this awesome crossover.


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