Comic Book Spotlight of the Day: Savage Dragon Issue #185 – March 2013 (Image Comics)

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TITLE: Savage Dragon Issue #185

YEAR: March 2013

COMPANY: Image Comics

Writer/Artwork: Erik Larsen

Letterer: Tom Orzechowski

Colorist: Nikos Koutsis 

Flats: Mike Toris 

Editor: Gavin Hiccingotham

Savage Dragon has saved humanity from diabolical supervillains and even people of his own race, but with every battle, there has been destruction and unfortunately, collateral damage.

And because of that, Paul Dragon is facing a hearing of whether he will live or die.  No incarceration, this is a trial of whether he will live or if he will be put in death row.

This issue showcases the trial overtime and seeing public perception, how Paul’s family and friends are handling Paul’s case.  But also seeing how Paul is facing a relentless prosecution, the prosecution paints Dragon as a cold, calculating and heartless killer with no remorse or compassion and no restraint.

While other heroes try to show their support for Paul Dragon during the trial, the prosecution manages to use their testimony against Paul.  And as people watching the trial show their support and others wanting to see Paul Dragon executed,  how will he fare in court?

Meanwhile, Malcolm tries to keep cool as his father’s trial continues.  While Tierra who is pregnant meets with Frank, who wants her to have an abortion, which she refuses.  She tells Frank that she needs him and wants to raise their baby together with him.  Will he do it?

A wonderful issue focusing on the trial of Paul Dragon, will his many years of service as a police officer and Earth’s protector help him or will his lineage and the collateral damage and numerous deaths lead to a guilty decision and put Paul in the line for execution?

A wonderful issue and also, a really in-depth letters page (seven pages total!).  Definitely an issue worth reading!


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